If Call of Duty goes to the big screen

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  1. I found this two images and put it together.What did you think if Sting plays as Captain Price?:

    Sting keeps a resemblance with his beard to Captain Price:

    This second one is great
  2. Sting does have a beard there, I'll give you that.

    Personally, I'd prefer John Rhys Davies in his prime:

  3. I seriously thought that was kiefer sutherland, not sting.
  4. They look pretty close. although Sting isn't an actor. Not sure you'd have to be in a Call of Duty movie though.
  5. Sting's been in a few films; think we was meant to be quite good in Quadrophenia. I've only seen him in Dune though.
  6. Sting also appears in a Frankenstain movie still in shape at 56.
    "John Rhys Davies"! this guy looks a barbarian
    Captain Price is a badass guy very smart,experienced soldier and a strong leader , not an steroid muscle guy.I read he is in the list chosen by gamers for his iconic mustache now using a complete beard.
    Take a look at this is related to Captain Price character:
  7. Are you trying to be annoying again hmmm? We have been through this already....
  8. I had forgotten about him in Dune. If I remember correctly, he plays that Harkonnen pretty boy who challenges Paul Atreides to a duel.

    Edit: looking at the credits, it also had Michael Bolton in some minor role. Somebody who did the casting liked cheeseball 80s music.
  9. Ehh? Maybe?

  10. need to see capt price in a knife fight to pass judgment on that one
  11. Who's this guy looks weird.
    Also the image you put of Captain Price as you can see is using the big mustache now in the last game is using a full beard.
  12. Bill the Butcher, man!
  13. He would never do a frivolous video game movie. That would be link Ben Kingsley starring in something like Bloodrayne.
  14. I'd almost go as far as to say they based the character model off of Daniel Day Lewis.
  15. If they made a Call of Duty movie, I would wipe my ass with the master copy.
  16. A call of duty film would be a retarded idea. It would just be another war film, like there aren't enough of those already, and they're all shit. When will people learn that games and films are two totally different mediums that just don't go well together.
  17. I lol'ed hard at this comment.