In the US, the Xbox One still has the top locaction.

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  1. The Xbox One still has the best location in stores across the States. They all have the Xbox merchandise in front of the PS4 stuff. That's the first thing that you see when you go in the store -- Xbox One. Especially in Walmart & Gamestop, where the PS4 is always pushed toward the very back. Even Best Buy's Black Friday web site lists the Xbox One first.

    What gives? These spots are supposed to be reserved for the best sellers. But the NPD Group claims that the PS4 is outselling the XB1 by a large margin. But these stores seem to claim that the XB1 is their best seller. Am I missing something, somewhere?
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  3. They probably have a huge stock of them that they can't sell. So they're putting them out front hoping someone, anyone will buy one. XB1 is one of the worst selling consoles of all time, though not as bad as the Wii U.
  4. Everything in a retail store is for sale, including shelf/floor space.

    Microsoft likely pays for better product placement. You're supposed to see it first and at a cheaper price. Then ponder if you need a PS4... the issue for MS is people overwhelming answer, "yes, I do need a PS4".
  5. Xbox One, the best console of the generation, took #1 last month in the US.
  6. So I was wrong. The Xbone is the #1 seller. Boy, is there egg on my face or what? :eek:
  7. XB1: 15.6 M
    WiiU: 10.9 M
    PS4: 28.4 M

    Nope. Still one of the worst selling consoles ever. One month won't change that.
  8. Are the people for sale?
  9. My nephew is getting one for Christmas.
  10. What's a locaction?
  11. One one?

    It's the number one selling one named device in the number one nation for terrible one liners.
  12. It also has the top locaction. whatever that means.
  13. Right now MS has them on sale for $299. Comes with Gears of War, $60 gift card, and a choice of another game.
  14. I got Gears of War Ultimate Edition about 2 months ago and last Friday, Microsoft sent me activation codes for Gears 1, 2, 3, and Judgement. They should still be doing that. It should end Dec 31st.
  15. I've got CD-ROMs of Big Rigs Over The Road Racing and Daikatana that I can send you. Offer expires next trash day.
  16. Here's some more Black Friday sale ads.




    And the Xbone is listed first on each one of those sites, just like what happens on the sales floor. It's weird that Microsoft could afford to buy off Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and Gamestop. These aren't just endcaps -- they're entire sections and the web pages.
  17. Wasn't the Zune also heavily advertised even though no one bought one?
  18. I bought one and it's still awesome. Best radio I own.
  19. I have a feeling that MS is gonna win over Sony this holiday somehow.