Indiana Jones Reboot

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  1. Starlord dons the fedora!
    Somehow, I can see this working out. Just glad it wasn't The LaDouche...

    Good Casting:

    Another Disney tax write-down:

  2. My reservation about an Indian Jones reboot: the originals were primarily about physical stunts, while the contemporary approach is to turn everything into an orgy of CGI.
  3. Chris Pratt will be good. He can pull off a mix of action and comedy, and he's a big dude who's believable in action roles.
  4. The movie had humor but Indian Jones himself was never funny. Harrison Ford played him with a somewhat muted personality. He could be a little happy or a little angry. When I think about it I realize every character Ford ever portrayed was that way. The movie was funny because of the shit that kept happening to the poor guy and we loved him because despite being normal guy he always came out on top. I agree with alterego that the series could easily loose it's charm if they deviate from the previous formula too much. Nostalgia will only go so far.
  5. reading through this thread makes me think the reboot is gonna be some bollywood film
  6. Not sure why mobile auto-correct prefers Indian over Indiana. Temple of Doom perhaps?
  7. Fun fact. Despite planning to film the movie it India it never happened. The government found the script to be offensive to Indians and pulled all the permits. India even banned the movie after it's release.