Discussion in 'Gaming' started by chi, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Anyone playing this? I got my invite just this morning
  2. You vague bastard. What is it?
  3. It's like egress but the complete opposite.
  4. Some sort of augmented reality game from Google.

    There are two groups, the Resistance and the Enlightened and there's a bunch of portals or something all over the world and everyone's hacking them and something.
  5. Do you have invites?
  6. No, I don't have any. There's a Recruit option but I have 0 invites.

    You can apply for one here:

    But mine did take a few weeks to come.
  7. I played it for a few weeks in nov through dec, but pictured myself getting run over by a car at some point. Looking down at your phone while walking around all over the place doesn't seem like the best idea in my part of town.
  8. It looks like you just have to be roughly near things. If you're running around staring at your phone, you probably shouldn't be allowed on the streets.

    This could be cool with Google glass though.
  9. You sir, obviously aren't hardcore enough for this game. I'm going to go for the the portals on the highways too.
  10. The bronzed buttocks on chi's invitation link might be some sort of clue...