Injustice: Gods Among Us

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  1. Why is no-one talking about this game? It's basically Mortal Kombat 9 but with superheroes.

    Although I don't really care too much about superheroes I am really enjoying MK9 much more than I was expecting and as far as fighting games go this one looks the tits.
  2. didn't they make a mortal kombat vs. dc superheros game already? pretty much the same thing just take out the mortal kombat part.
  3. Even though this game looks nothing like the abortion that was MK vs DC people always have to say this is the same. This is nothing like that piece of crap game. The game mechanics are so different it's quite scary. You're either trolling or a moron to say that.
  4. wehel sooooorry mister comic book guy, consider myself informed now. I hadn't played either game, hadn't looked hard enough to decipher control schemes but they look similar to me, comparisons are BOUND to be made to dispute the fact that a comparison should even be MADE makes you sound like a rabid fanboy.
  5. Yeah sorry about that. I don't know why I was so quick to defend it or why I went off on one. I suppose it's fair to see the MK guys making a fighting game with superheroes and compare it to one of their previous fighting games with superheroes. My comments were harsh and unwarranted and I apologise for having a go at you.

    But the game looks great doesn't it?
  6. I guess. I just get the feeling... seeing Flash punch Bane a million times, or Superman throw Batman through the wall was fresh the first time around... just, for me, not so much the second time.

    As for actual cosmetics it looks good, whether I'd write it off even THOUGH it sounds like a played out idea is probably a negatory in fact. I LOVE knocking players through walls! just can't get enough of that lol. I wasn't writing it off, I was just wondering if I was remembering something that didn't exist or was canceled.
  7. I've been following Ed Boon on twitter for a while now and I keep seeing people jokingly ask whether Aquaman will be in Injustice or not. Well it turns out that not only is he in it, he's a complete badass in it!

    Here are some more character reveal trailers.

    Green Arrow

    Deathstroke (whatever that is)


    A bit of story and Green Lantern

    Lex Luthor

    Deathstroke (whatever that is)

    Here's the list of confirmed playable characters so far:

    Wonder Woman
    The Flash
    Green Lantern
    Green Arrow

    Harley Quinn
    Solomon Grundy
    The Joker
    Lex Luthor

    There's still a few more reveals remaining so it's not all finalised. I'm not really a huge comic guy. I don't read the comics that's for usre. I know most of the more famous characters plus a couple of obscure ones and I do enjoy the comic book films, mostly. I'm not buying this because it's DC characters though, I'm buying it because it's a fighting game made by Netherealm Studios who, at least in my opinion, totally redeemed themselves with the last Mortal Kombat. This game seems to have very similar mechanics so I expect it'll be great fun. Fuck knows who I'm going to play as though, at least with MK I have Sub Zero and Noob Saibot as my go to guys. I just watched the Deathstroke trailer and I might start with him. Guns and swords = good times for all.

    The game is supposed to have a really decent single player story mode with some sort of plot that manages to involve all of the characters in a giant crisis or something. The story mode on MK9 was really good and far exceeded my expectations. It was almost like playing a decent Mortal Kombat movie with the game transitioning from dialogue heavy cut scenes to in game fights seamlessly, not even a loading screen. Hopefully Injustice will follow suit.

    I think Netherealm Studios has found their winning formula.