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  1. Prices for Coffee Lake have been leaked. The new i3 will be the old i5 (as I predicted), The i5 will be 6 cores and the i7 will have 6 cores 12 threads. This is a major shift from the previous generations so it's very exciting.

    I'm guessing performance will be excellent but these are the highest prices Intel has ever launched at. The i7 Broadwell was the previous highest at $366. Having said that it's still the cheapest 6/12 processor Intel has ever offered so I'm sure many will grab it. I can see Coffee Lake taking a bight out of Ryzen sales but not crushing them.

  2. This was what I was hoping for. I probably wouldn't ever buy a Ryzen, but it gives Intel the push they need to start doing something again, instead of just re-releasing the same chips year after year.
  3. Indeed. The Coffee Lake release has been pushed up about 8 months. That's a huge number and it wouldn't even be possible if they weren't just sitting on it. The fact that Kaby Lake was just an over clocked Skylake shows how they were planning to stretching things out as long as possible. Meanwhile, in what might be the first time ever, AMD is beating Intel in CPU sales in Europe. Intel screwed up.

  4. So..

    I just upgraded from good ole Ivybridge.

    Man... it feels good :D

    Upgrades made: Mobo, 4000mhz Memory, NVME & Obvx Intel 8700K

    Now for what you really care about:

    Timespy CPU Increase: 107.8%
    Firestrike Standard Physics: 107.2%

    In real world gaming, 4K seems to have less micro stutter. Forza Horizon still seems to get it for some reason :/ but everything else is much better.

    Hopefully I wont wait this long between generations!

    Are any of you getting this ?

    As for OC?

    I am getting 5ghz, with memory at 4000mhz, stock not delided etc.
  5. nah my i7 4770K is still chugging along fine. Would probably only upgrade if my motherboard fails.
  6. I think @khaid is same Gen as you, pretty sure he'll upgrade. What res do you game at?
  7. Still on 1440p
  8. The Coffee Lake single core benchmarks are sometimes lower than Skylake when they should be matching Kaby Lake. The reason is Windows 10 will sometimes take the most demanding process and throw it on a slower core. The same thing happens with Ryzen. Windows needs to get better with core management.
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    I'm not even sure what you need all of this CPU power for unless you're doing something like video editing and encoding. If you are on any semi-modern Core i7, the CPU will never be the limiting factor in games. Seems like the money spent on this would be better spent on a better video card. Unless some kind of big, unforseen change happens, I could easily see myself getting another 5+ years out of my i7 4770k.

    $400 for the CPU + $250 for the mobo + $150 for RAM is a lot to spend on something that would likely make no noticeable difference in performance in games or everyday use.
  10. True. CPU's matter if you edit video, live stream, or game at 1080p on a 120hz monitor. Everyone else can probably get by with Sandy Bridge.
  11. yay, finally scored one. I legit thought I wouldn't get lucky enough to get one before 2018. paperest launch i've had to deal with in a long time.
  12. Well, what did you get? Was it hard getting a motherboard?
  13. nothing else was hard to get. the mobos have been readily available since launch day. i got the i7 8700k. the whole line of coffee lake cpus has been rough with stock since they launched. the i7's being the rarest.

    i actually had everything ordered since 10/5 sans cpu just in case the mobo's had the same issues. they were just sitting here rotting in the bedroom waiting for the cpu the last few weeks.

    kraken x62 aio cooler
    Asus ROG Maximus x Hero (wifi ac)
    16GB gskill tridentZ ddr4 3200
    512GB samsung 960 pro nvme
    Corsair Carbide Air 740

    whole system:
  14. M.2 drive? Damn. You going all in on this one.
  15. Is there a noticeable enough difference between the various SSD interfaces to justify the price differences?
  16. Theoretical? Yes. Measurable? Yes. Humanly perceivable? Unsure. I've heard different opinions on the matter. Maybe khaid will give us his impressions.
  17. og should be able too. we got the same cpu, mobo, and nvme storage. I'll go hunt him down
  18. Yeah, I was referring to humanly perceivable. I don't have the money to afford being an enthusiast chasing benchmarks. But I am in need of more storage space for games specifically, so I'll probably be shopping around soon for an SSD.
  19. Unless you're a notorious Grim level cheapskate, this is how a SSD purchase will play out in October 2017.

    You're simply not going to risk a shitty drive, so you'll opt for a good SSD. This will leave you with only 3-4 choices. At that point, pricing will default you to the 960 M2.

    I just built a my Ryzen system a week ago with a 850 pro from a previous sale. Otherwise, I would've gotten the 960 also.
  20. no..

    There is a youtube video showing a test on these drives.
    Games are at present designed to never load up more than 300MB/s

    So even a standard SSD is overkill. I guess if you did photoshop etc as a job you could use these for a huge page file.
    However as with many things with time they might game uses for the great data bandwidth in games.

    At present I am not seeing any difference at all.
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