Internet Explorer 9

Discussion in 'Technology' started by HellRipper, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Today the final release went public, i really like it, its clean, fast, and you can hide your location from sites. It uses hardware GPU acceleration and faster Jave support etc.

    Here is the link to all downloads in all kinds of languages.
  2. I have been playing with it for the last couple of hours, certainly pretty fast, pages load very quickly but still not sure if its as fast as Chrome.

    Like the look too, a lot more sleak and clean which is something I like about Chrome. I will continue to experiment.

    The few work related apps I have tested with it so far (our accounts and workflow systems) seem to work without any issues which is always a plus. As they are designed with IE in mind we have to use them with it really as other browsers do sometimes cause issues but when a new IE comes out its always something that needs a bit of testing before it goes to anyone who would actually use it in any kind of production sense.
  3. It's not, unfortunately. Compare these two using any jscript test like sunspider. It's not an order of magnitude slower like IE8 was but still about 50% slower than Chrome/Opera. Anyway, google maps (and other apps relying on javascript) are finally usable.

    MOST things work, however I've been unpleasantly surprized to find out that few javascripts we have in our html editor actually do not work. They were designed to handle IE/mozilla differently but apparently IE9 is not backwards compatible in all nuances. I can show a specific example where IE9 seems to be more compatible with CSS-related properties but in the same time it breaks the compatibility with IE8 (and earlier).

    Also, I haven't tested the RTM yet on the Ajax Toolkit HTML Editor ( but with the RC you are unable to break the line of text by pressing Enter.

    Nuances, yes they are, but still. And the last thing - there's NO EXCUSE for still failing the Acid3! Chrome/Opera do 100/100, and what's the answer of IE9?