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  1. Hmm, is alterego our only apple enthusiast left? I guess licensetokill didn't make the transfer here. Well, apple unleashed the info on these beasts yesterday. Alot of people were starting to say iOS was starting to show it's age, but Apple addressed all of that.

    Notifications - pop ups were annoying. apple fixed it so they are unobtrusive. now they have a real deal notification center where you drag the status bar down and it shows all of your notifications (similar to android's style if you're familiar). it's organized so you can easily spot important things

    iMessage - similar to BBM (Blackberry Messenger), you can direct message anyone else on iOS. This does not rely on your mobile service at all. You just need a data connection. it's also integrated into the messaging app so all sms' and imessages come in the same app.

    Twitter - Integrated into iOS now

    Camera app - Not basic anymore

    I just went over the basics, there's a ton more updates to it. I almost forgot to mention that Apple finally decided to add a purchase history for your apps. God knows why they waited this long to include that but you guys that had to wipe your devices and totally forgot the apps you download can go through your history and redownload them now.

    Check it out here:

    Apple also added wireless syncing and OTA updates. Not to mention iCloud (MobileMe is dead now I believe). For those of you still living in the stone age, iCloud is apple's cloud storage for many things.. namely contacts, docs, photos, etc. This may be a beauty for alot of people since there is a frustration between the user and itunes.
  2. Any news on te iPhone 5?
  3. No, iOS 5 won't launch until fall, so maybe that's a hint? Can't really draw any conclusions on that though.
  4. So basically they're playing catch up with Android.
  5. I heard rumour that they'd announce it on the 6th but I guess that hasn't happened. Hasnt a new version of the iPhone been announced on a yearly basis up til now?
  6. Ya, the 6th was WWDC, which is the event where Apple has always announced their new iphones ever since 2007 with the original iphone. There's that Verizon iphone 4 launch this year that we can't ignore, so that may be why they're holding it back a bit. Or maybe they're fiddling around with hspa+ or LTE. Or who knows.. could be anything.
  7. Rumor is the next model will be out this fall, and it won't be iPhone 5, more like an iPhone 4S with the A5 chip inside. Its disappointing that its not happening this summer, I've been eligible for an upgrade for almost a year now, but I'm stalling for the new model whenever it happens.

    I've been tempted to switch to an Android phone, but I have a lot of games and apps on my phone that aren't available elsewhere and I'm content to stay on the iOS platform, it does everything I want already, new features are a perk but not a requirement for the way I use it

    I'm still on an iPhone 3GS, BTW, in case anyone is wondering. Still a great phone and even today, it is just barely showing its age. I could technically stick with it longer too, rumor was iOS 5 wouldn't support it, but at the conference they announced it will get the update.

    Its absolutely Apple playing catch up with Android. I'm happy its happening, Apple is very stubborn company but maybe their loss in marketshare to Google is making them realize that people aren't going to wait around for them to introduce new features. The mobile market is a stark contrast to the music player market, where the iPod brand will dominate regardless of anything else. Apple makes good products, but their unwillingness to give up control on their platforms and give people features they want is their greatest weakness.
  8. This is turning into Mac vs Windows all over again. Apple will release something groundbreaking that does great in the beginning. But then because they're stubborn control freaks, they act like it's perfect the way it is and fail to keep up with the times.

    Apple needs to seriously reevaluate the way they do things, or they're going to end up with 5% market share for phones just like their regular computers.
  9. If you're worried about the investment you put into your apps/games on your itunes account, definitely stick to Apple's system. Google's is totally different. Most android users have a totally different mindset when they spend money on the market. The top purchased are utilities while Apple's appstore's are games.

    Android games are not that popular. Chuzzle and Plants vs Zombies JUST came to android. Sony's Xperia Play is trying to change that, but I don't see it happening. I think minecraft is coming to android and is exclusive to that phone.. but I dont see that even making people flinch. Hell, I don't even think most people even know what the Xperia Play is. There's just way too many different hardware differences out there for android devs to optimize anything.
  10. Anyone get ios 5 yet? Launched today.
  11. Told my wife to wait for others to download it first to see if people moan.
  12. Currently doing a download-and-install for my iPad and Apple's servers are definitely being hammered. I initially received a 4 hour download time, but I'm not sure if that also includes the initial iCloud backup etc ( FYI, this is on a DSL connection). I already downloaded the iTunes update for iOS 5 compatibility in the AM, and that was very quick.
  13. I am under the impression that the demand for ios 5 killed rim today.
  14. Now it just flipped down to 2 hours remaining instead of 3, and I believe it's been going for about 90 minutes now. The update bar is basically at the halfway point, so it seems likely that it will end up being a three hour process on DSL.
  15. The update to iOS 5 ended up clocking about 5 hours, which included a full backup of my device and clean install of the software from a reset to factory settings...followed by a restore of all the applications and data on it as well. The firmware was even reinstalled from scratch.
  16. My wife has done the iOS 5 update. Took about an hour but its a pain that she has to redo all of her apps and sort them out.
  17. I just set it to run overnight. I have no idea how long it actually took. My wife's iPhone 4 is noticeably snappier after the update. Much nicer than iOS4, which slowed my 3GS to a crawl.
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