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  1. Side by side shot of iOS7 and iOS6. The new design looks fucking hideous. It's all light and bland, like most non-apple iOS designs. I won't be updating my phone with this pile of shit.


    Thin white text on a very light blue background? I'm sure that will be easy to read in broad daylight...



    I wonder why companies feel the need to pay loads of money for designers who are going to take a great design that works and throw it away, replacing it with something worse, seems to happen all too often these days.
  2. I'm not happy about it either. It looks like a bad knockoff of Android, which was already largely a knockoff of iOS. So basically we're getting a knockoff of a knockoff. And not only is it flat and bland looking, but it's flaky and sluggish in actual use, just like Android. Go watch videos of people trying to use the beta. Steve Jobs never would have allowed trash like this to see the light of day.

    The current interface and icons look fine and work well. I don't know why they felt the need to discard them for this crap. I also won't be updating. Reminds me a lot of Windows 8. They're taking something that works and replacing it with garbage for no particularly good reason.
  3. I agree. They've done away with the 3d looking app icons in favour of the flat single colour look of Windows 8. When I'm back on my PC ill try to link a video showing a cool (yet pointless) iOS7 feature. You can take a panoramic photo and set it as your wall paper on your lock screen. Then when you activate the lock screen you can spin around and view the panoramic photo. Cool, but useless.
  4. You're not going to update because you don't like the new icons? That doesn't sound very tech savvy. That sounds like you're at Starbucks sipping a latte with your toy poodle in your lap.
  5. You'll be in trouble when all the other apps switch to the new style and everything clashes
  6. I upgraded my 4s to ios7. It's pretty good. A lot better than the pictures indicate. It isn't sluggish at all except on the regular iphone4.

    It actually "feels" more like wm8 than android.
  7. you're going to be missing out on some very useful changes just because you don't like this new theme. the new control center and multitasking changes are huge for the user experience.
  8. Not to mention MFi controller support for games. Airplay mirroring will probably become more seriously supported by 3rd parties as a result (i.e., they'll remove the lag within their apps for TV use).

  9. For controllers to be taken seriously for iOS gaming then I think Apple needs to come out with a standard one otherwise some games will need 8 buttons whereas others need 2 and you end up in a mess where no one bothers as you could end up in a situation whereby you don't have enough buttons for a new game.
  10. I think this is the type of accessory that Apple prefers to let 3rd parties monopolize. That said, I can't really think of any non-motion games that a dual joystick, dpad, ABXY, and four shoulder button standard like the one on the left wouldn't work for.
  11. It's not just the icons. It's the whole interface. It looks like it was designed for little children. One giant step backwards visually. Ill have to update at some point though. I've heard it's a little slow and sluggish but that was in beta so it might get fixed.
  12. Beyond the look, it actually faster and easier to use. Not sluggish at all on a dual core. There is the occasional glitch associated with betas. But it is still very stable as a daily.
  13. MS trying to be Apple while Apple are trying to be MS. The world will implode soon.