iOS8/iPhone6 Encryption

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  1. This made me literally LOL. The FBI Director is crying about no longer being able to violate peoples privacy at whim! Of course, they aren't afraid to drop the T-word to try and scare people. But that stopped working quite a few years ago, I think.

  2. What a douche. And good on Apple's part for doing something against warrantless surveillance by these Gestapo thugs.
  3. I'm amazed that the media is still dumb enough to continue to give Snowden credit for anything. Most of the claims that were made about domestic surveillance were either wildly exaggerated or simply fabricated.
  4. That's exactly the counterintelligence the NSA would spread.
  5. No, it's just the truth. All of the tech companies provided definitive proof that PRISM involved standard subpoena requests, not server backdoor shenanigans. All of the phone companies provided definitive proof that the NSA never bulk collected anything domestically beyond landline metadata. And the federal court system (including known Libertarian friendly judges) never found anything more controversial in what the NSA was doing beyond storing the landline metadata on government servers.

    Plus, you had civil libertarians like Kurt Eichenwald that had spent years investigating U.S. intelligence activity following 9/11 saying that Snowden was making false claims.
  6. Snowden has some tips and tricks...

  7. Edward Snowden: don't use technology from American companies, because Putin told me to say that in order to disrupt the U.S. economy.
  8. Both his rec's are US companies... he could be a shareholder though.
  9. It would be too obvious if he didn't, but the main targets for "don't trust them/don't use them" are the economic heavyweights.
  10. According to the FBI the iPhone 6 is for pedophiles.
  11. The FBI? That's unconstitutional!!!
  12. Is there any such thing a "real privacy" these days? Maybe it's just the American government, but then ours probably would too.
  13. The only statistic that matters now is how many criminals are buying the iPhone 6. I've seen numbers thrown around that say as many as 3 in 10 iPhone 6 owners are criminals and are a possible threat to national security.
  14. Also pedophiles who eat feces and drink urine. They've stopped buying Acer netbooks and have moved on to iPhone 6s.
  15. so basically iphone 6 users are spreading ebola.
  16. Nina Pham took that selfie with her dog with an iPhone 6. That's how she got ebola.

    Apple intentionally designed the phones to bend in half, and they have a new feature that sprays ebola when you take a picture.
  17. Her vanity gave that poor dog ebola too...
  18. LOL... the FBI is still crying. Apparently they can't open locked phones they physically possess. If you have the phone in hand and can't get into it, your agency is a fail.

  19. Tim Cook is absolutely right to refuse. The FBI is wanting a backdoor into all iPhones, not just the shooter's phone. They can go fuck themselves. Also lol that their hacking capability is so poor that they can't get into it themselves.
  20. Makes you wonder why they don't complain about having backdoors into other systems. Answer: They already do. Here's looking at you free Windows 10 "upgrade".