ipad mini and 4th gen ipad announced

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    Yes but devices stuck on 2.x doesn't have anything to do with Google upgrading android.
  2. What difference does that make to the end user? Even if you believe that Google is adding new features faster vs. iOS, the distribution of those new features to the majority of users is significantly slower overall.
  3. Android 2.x is probably, functionally, about the same as Ios 6
  4. Android 4.x was the first version of the OS that ran on both phones and tablets.
  5. Ios 4 was the first major Ios release that ipod touch users didn't have to pay for.
  6. Technically speaking, any Android version could run in a tablet form factor. HTC flyer, Dell Streak, Nook Color etc were all android tablets that were released well before android 3.x The Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet were based on android 2.3

    They were just missing a tablet ui. Android 4.x changed that.
  7. I think you'd still have to admit that doesn't really fit the idea of Android being faster developing by default.
  8. Not really sure where you're coming from, since the Ipad shipped with a customised version of ioS that wouldn't run on a phone.
  9. The iPad had a different version number of iOS than the iPhone? That's a new one. The point I'm making is that Apple didn't need the intermediary steps that Android did when it came to unifying phones and tablets within the OS. That's not an example of Android being ahead of the curve in terms of it's development.
  10. That's probably because the only thing different between the two appears to be just the spacing between icons on the homescreen.

    As khaid pointed out, that's functionally the same as the Android 2.x OS. 3.x and 4.x added proper tablet stuffs.

    I think the main difference is that Android apps can autoresize to fit a tablet screen with tablet functionality whereas I believe the Iphone and Ipad apps are seperate entities.
  11. Do you consider resizing phone apps to fill a tablet screen to be a functional advantage vs. iOS?
  12. The apps resize to fit the screen and switch to a tablet interface. So... yes.
  13. Interesting view on function: non-optimized = advantage.
  14. Yes, Ios apps for tablet and phone are not optimal.
  15. It would be unwise to NOT get the iPad 3 liquidation going on now. It's being refurb for $379. If you have a Discover card the current rebates will knock another 10% $340 it is a steal.

    Word on the street is they aren't even refurbished, they are brand new in box being liquidated as refurbished. I plan to find out shortly.
  16. remember kids that's OS 10.3.x in geek speek.
  17. Don't you mean OS X.3.x?
  18. http://youtu.be/Pqb-1aUaPk8
  19. "Then, an iPod you can talk on."

    Yeah, that's what RIM and Nokia wish the iPhone had been.
  20. Got my xmas bonus today and we are thinking of getting a tablet. We played with some instore last week and think we have agreed on an iPad 4. Will probably pick it up at the start of January.

    It is easy for my 4 1/2 year old daughter to use and she already has loads of apps on wife's iPhone.

    iPad mini is too expensive for its size so we instantly ruled that out.