iPhone 6 Plus vs. Note 4

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  1. I upgraded my parents to iPhone6P and Note 4 Friday... Sadly I wasn't able to get myself a note for $100 :'(... But I did keep their phones for the whole weekend so I could dual wield!

    Figured I'd post about everything we all know just for the hell of it...

    - Outspec'd by the competition but iOS was flawless with no hiccups
    - UI/Settings are very intuitive and easy to use. Things are easy to find
    - Touch ID (fingerprint) had a 100% success rate and saves time
    - Safari is faster with the swipe for back, and stripped ad reading mode
    - Better speaker
    - 240 fps is very cool. Watching drunk people yell and shout in slo-mo is hilarious
    - High resale value
    - 1080p looks disgusting next to the Note 4
    - Double tap screen pull-down feature is lazy development. Most in-app back button is in the top
    left. One handed operation would require 3 taps to go back
    - Siri has fallen WAY behind Google Now. But it's on par with Samsung S-Voice
    - No multiple simultaneous apps

    - 2560x1440 Screen looks fantastic!
    - Multiple (5) simultaneous apps finally means I can run YouTube (my free music service) in the
    - Wave awake and one handed screen shrink are nice time savers. Security Assistance is a morbidly
    thoughtful feature especially if your father is Liam Neeson
    - S-Pen suite is phenomenal, if not over-engineered for a phone
    - Freakish amount of features
    - Over-engineered
    - Best spec'd phone on the market but I was able to create a combo chain that made it hiccup here
    and there
    - Features are vast and settings menu is like a black hole. It took 15 minutes to enable the Screen
    Shrink feature. Tried to get back to it a few minutes later and I couldn't find it all over again!
    - Fingerprint scanner had ~70% success rate. Also requires a designated motion vs. just a tap on
    iPhone button
    - Weak speaker for such a multimedia capable device

    The Note 4 is a fantastic piece of gadgetry for people who love technology. The iPhone shouldn't even be in the same category. It's like a high tech concept device vs. ordinary smartphone.

    Unfortunately, the Note 4 will stay a niche product unless Samsung bumps up their UI game. As it stands now, it's just a proof of concept for iPhone in 2016...
  2. Did you drop in them in the toilet for the waterproof test?
  3. We got a 6 in at work today to replace a 5s. More of the same really but boy do Apple make dealing with storage and iCloud hard work. So unintuitive its almost silly.

    It really didn't seem any different than the last one, probably not worth the upgrade if it wasn't free. Apple really haven't done much innovative with the iPhone since Jobs died.
  4. How can a phone that gets blown away in both CPU and GPU benchmarks be called the best spec'd phone on the market? Samsung is almost a gen behind the performance of the high-end Apple and Google phones now.
  5. It has nearly twice the pixels of the iPhone6P to deal with... I do not believe the benchmarks account for this. Some benchmarks even show the 6 > 6P saying it was because 720p vs 1080p.
  6. It's lower quality tech. It's getting trounced by less cores, less Ghz, and less RAM. It's getting beaten by last year's iPhone. Apple is tying one of their hands behind their backs and still winning with the A series SoC.

  7. Notice only 2 rows the Note 4 performs drastically lower. The iPhone6 outperformed iPhone6P in those same rows. Meaning screen resolution comes into play.

    I can't find a single snapdragon 805 phone using 1080p for a direct comparison.
  8. I'm not understanding why you give the Note 4 a break due to higher screen resolution, but then ignore the fact that it's using 2X/4X the number of cores, more RAM, and a higher clock speed. The Android SoC's are way behind the A series SoC's. Those chips are not a better spec. They're obviously inferior.
  9. Ah, I forgot about that...2v4 cores. The extra 2 cores and ram don't seem to show any advantages. My own real world testing seems to fall in your favor, the iPhone6 was ran really really well. It's just a little boring I guess.

    I think I need to custom design my own phone. Maybe start a KickStarter.
  10. Yeah but the Note4 uses Touchwiz which is slow and horrible. I imagine that slows the system down quite a lot.

    Even the new galaxy tab with its 8 cores runs like a dog on touchwiz. Just switching between pages on the apps menu lags.