iPhone6 #bendgate

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  1. Without Metal, iPhone 6 still bends the competition for graphics...

  2. 2560x1440
  3. Lol these phones have better resolution than my desktop monitor. My tech is seeming really outdated at the moment.
  4. Turns out this phone WILL bend and snap if you apply pressure specifically at the volume rocker.... there are now some more videos out of people doing it. A little girl even managed to flex, but not bend it.
  5. Meanwhile, Apple had the top three selling smartphones at all four U.S. carriers during the past month and has already sold 10 million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in China.

    But, by all means, keep making the bending videos.
  6. McDonalds sold more hamburgers last month than anyone else, Toyota also moves more Camry's than any other auto... in case you want to make note of some more irrelevant details.
  7. Where are all the returns due to the case bending with normal use? Apple should be deluged with them if it were a real issue. I'm sure buyers have had the opportunity by now to take the phone in and out of their pockets and see if their pants are capable of generating 90 lbs of isolated and unsupported force or not.
  8. @alterego

    I don't think anyone is going to be able to bend the thing with normal use, they would have to line up a set of unfortunate coincidences to hit that rocker...

    The people bending the phone specifically target the volume rocker area. But once they do the phone cracks with ease (90lbs max stat was at center). Unless Apple intended to fold hundred dollar bills and shove it in there for stability, their sales are really irrelevant to the design oversight.
  9. Apple doesn't market the phone as being indestructible, so it's not a design oversight if someone intentionally tries to break the phone. I'm sure I could break any phone on the market intentionally.
  10. A structural weakness is definitely a design oversight.... it isn't a big deal because it's a phone and not a bridge or building.
  11. It's well beyond the strength required for normal use as a smartphone. The fact that people have to intentionally break it proves that. Apple isn't required to make it indestructible. That isn't a real standard.
  12. Nobody can expect a phone to be indestructible. At the same time, it shouldn't snap in half with your hand. We'll see if Apple patches it by next run...
  13. Why would they need to patch something that is crushing their competitors? People like the fact that it's so thin and light for a big phone. And it exceeds the industry strength standards for normal use.
  14. They could probably reinforce it for 30c in it's current form factor... what industry standard? It ranked near the bottom in consumer reports comparison. The "cheap plastic" Samsung was twice as strong as the "premium build" Apple.
  15. Bottom? It had a lower three point rating, yes, but all five phones that Consumer Reports tested were rated as being beyond the frame strength needed for normal use. CR didn't say any of them were disappointing in that regard. The article actually ran with a headline saying the iPhone 6 was far stronger than people were making it out to be.

    I'm guessing that 55 lbs is around the industry standard, as both Apple and Samsung used that force level for the press.