iPhone6 or Galaxy S5 for work?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by bfun, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. So in the end my work is allowing people to choose between the Galaxy S5 and and the iPhone 6. Seems like a bad idea to me but oh well. Decision...decisions. Do I go for the S5 which is very similar to my Nexus 5 or do I jump to the dark side and try something new.
  2. I would give the iPhone6 a shot, especially for business use.

    I suspect the S5 will come locked down with Samsung Knox diluting biggest advantages.
  3. I'm thinking of pros and cons from a work perspective.


    Fast and accurate finger print scanner. S5 has it too but I've read the 6 is much better. I'd probably be using this all the time so it's a big pro.
    Camera is faster. Probably takes 2 seconds less than the S5 to open and take a shot.


    Significantly better battery with great battery saving features. Nothing worse than being in a data center all day and running out of juice.
    Water and dust proof. It's one less thing to worry about.
  4. Don't expect to bother with the S5 fingerprint scanner. Same with iPhone batteries in my experience. Useless right around the 2 year mark.
  5. I chose to go with the iPhone 6 for work. Turns out that the Note 4 was also an option and I considered it. Whats weird is there are 10 people on my team and I'm the only one that chose the iPhone. Seven went for the S5 and two went Note 4. I would have expected everyone to go the iPhone route. It's a mixed group. Techie and non-techie, women and men.
  6. Of the company mobiles at work only 3 are iPhones.

    All about preference I guess, I don't like iOS personally but my boss is never off of his iPhone or iPad.
  7. Can't go wrong with iPhone6. Did you pick it over the Note4 for size? The S5 is so antiquated now... I can't believe people will pick that over the Note4.
  8. Most people didn't know the Note 4 was an option. It does seem a little big a for a work phone that's mostly limited to emails and phone calls. The stylus is an interesting option. I can't be certain if I'd actually use it. I figured I'd never buy myself an iPhone so I wanted to try it.