......... is/are for Fags

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  1. Asking questions are for fags.
  2. Dry slaps are for fags.

    Like dood, you be slapping people, like a girl.
  3. For that, I will be hunting you down next time we all play U3 online. ;)
  4. Men stalking men is for fags.
  5. Chi was originally a woman so he is still classed as one officially.
  6. I'm actually 12.

    Paedophilia is for fags.
  7. So your the one who has that girls voice, not Monsly! Shocked!
  8. You fags need to go get a room and stop ruining the fags thread.
  9. cmdrmonkey is a fag!
  10. I still don't know who you actually think has the girl's voice.

    FFXIII-2 is for fags.
  11. It's a mystery. It still is.
  12. No wonder you're so bad at U3, you don't pay attention to anything.
  13. I've decided Old National Bank is for fags. Every time I try to deposit a check that is for more than a few hundred dollars they treat me like I'm on a terrorist watch list or something. I spent over 20 minutes trying to deposit a single check from my employer of 3.5 years. These smug banker jerkoffs would whisper to each other for a few minutes, and then ask me a question about the check's authenticity or origin, go back to another room and whisiper, then come back with further interrogation. They put my paycheck on hold for a couple of weeks, and my bills are due within the next few days. I refuse to put up with these dickholes any longer. I'm moving to a credit union shortly.
  14. Does your employer not pay straight into your bank account?
  15. It's because I get impatient and want to find you guys instead of sit tight or slowly find you guys. :D
  16. Didn't you just become a doctor? Did you get a huge bump in pay that could seem out of line? Just get direct deposit.
  17. You can't do direct deposit or deposit checks through the ATM?
  18. Doctoral degree? Yes. Licensed and healthcare certification you need to make decent money? Not yet. I'm going through the licensing process. These are a few of the expenses I've been dealing with.

    Dissertation hours: $6,900
    Reprinting degrees: $170
    Transcripts: $30
    Application fee: $100
    Temp permit: $50
    Jurisprudence Exam: $100
    EPPP Exam: $504 per attempt
    EPPP prep training: $99 activation, $350/ month
    HSPP application: $100

    There are other fees as well, and I have a mountain of paperwork and records to go through. It takes a quite a bit of time to get everything together. Money will be tight for me for a few months. I won't make much until I complete all this crap.

    These jackasses at the bank have been doing this for the past few years. They were polite at the branch in the town where I attended grad school, but that's over 1h away from where I live now. I will probably get direct deposit at whichever credit union I pick out, but I'm paid several different ways depending on what I'm doing. I have about 5 pay scales. Therapy is paid differently than clinic assessment or school assessment, for example. My boss usually just pays me directly for some things, which is when I tend to get the terrorist watchlist treatment. The fluctuation in amounts is probably part of what causes them to go apeshit, but I've been explaining that I do not punch a timecard for an hourly wage for a few years now. I've had an account with them for about 9 years with no problems on my end. They act like this even if I have more than enough to cover the amount of the check I'm depositing. They've been unusually smug and rude about it, too. That's probably the part that pisses me off most. If they just said that there was a certain amount that requires a hold, I wouldn't be as irritated, but they won't explain why they are doing this and are giving me "It's really for your own protection..." bullshit lines. I didn't care for that and acted like an angry honey badger.

  19. I've never heard of a hold on payroll deposits.

    Maybe the bank tellers saw this DHS training video.

  20. Obviously paying cash means you're a terrorist. It couldn't possibly be that some people like paying up front for things and not paying interest on a credit card.