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  1. No credit card = terrorist?
  2. I had this exact problem the last time I was in the US - paying for things in cash (real money) got me the weirdest looks. A guy at a fuel station in San Diego thought I was Osama Bin Laden or something when I paid for fuel in actual dollars.

    I never ever buy anything on my credit card unless it's an emergency; it's the only reason I have one. If I can't afford it and it isn't one some kind of interest free option I don't bother.
  3. Why not just buy on a CC and pay it off in full? No joke, I don't see how paying cash is better than charging to a card and paying in full.

    You get all the protection of not paying cash (good luck with a cash refund), and you pay no interest. As a added benefit you get a free ~45 day float on your cash until your bill is due, and rewards points.

    I try to charge every little expense. I've gotten decent vacations out of daily expenses by jumping on CC offers w/ bonus rewards points.
  4. I've traveled with people that needed pay with cash because giving them a credit card is like giving a drug addict a plate of cocaine.
  5. I'm the same way. Debit or cash for everything. Credit cards are a loan for emergencies. I don't understand the weird reaction to cash either.

    And in reality Al Qaeda didn't pay for everything for 9/11 in cash. They used credit cards too.
  6. This! This is the reason I have never had a credit card, even when I was in full time work because I would keep using it regardless of the outcome.
  7. I've always considered using a debit card dangerous. If you lose it, or a merchant mischarges or someone steals it your actual physical money is directly at stake. It could take up to 90 days to get your money back while you scramble to pay your bills.

    Admittedly, I fell prey to the CC companies at 17-18 and paid my way out of the hole for years. But now I am the one abusing them for free shit, interest free. It's the safest way to roll if you have good financial discipline.
  8. Speaking of people thinking you're a terrorist, have you guys seen what you have to go through to renew a driver's license now? You have to go in person with literally like five forms of ID, including your original birth certificate. They won't do it online, so you have to wait in line at the DMV for hours, even if you have an appointment. Then they scrutinize your shit like you're a terrorist or drug dealer or something. I didn't even have my birth certificate. I had to send away to Indiana to get it and wait two months. I actually drove around on an expired license for a month while I waited for it to come in the mail. It's like they go out of their way to make the whole experience as inconvenient as possible.

    I was born in the US, am a US citizen, nothing changed. Why all the bullshit to renew? Why couldn't I just do it online?

    We're living in a police state. It's like nazis asking for papers.
  9. Wow. I wouldn't even know where to get my birth certificate. So far, in PA, it's still just a walk in and quick snapshot pic if you have your expired license with you.
  10. Bahahaha, that's awesome. I was bitching and whining that I had to redo the written part of the driver's test when I moved to North Carolina to get my license here. I didn't even remember the last time I went to the dmv in my 12 years living in Orlando, Florida. Renewing your license here requires you to go in and retake the vision test every time too. But that's not for another 8yrs for me. No more online renewal for me. :(
  11. What happens to your picture for an online renewal? We have to do in-person renewals every 4 years and they update the pic on the license.
  12. Nothing really. You just fill out the app for renewal online and make a payment. Then they snail mail you your renewed driver's license with the same picture. I still had my same picture on my license since 1998 when it was 2010.
  13. I think we just need to take a new picture then upload it with the online renewal form and payment. They'll then post the new license whenever.
  14. They're massive dicks in Florida. I think the laws changed a couple of years ago. Several people waiting in line with me were going back for the second or third time because the DMV didn't like the forms of ID they brought with them, or were arguing with them because they had issues getting their birth certificate.

    The line was three hours long despite the fact that I made an appointment. All making an appointment did was put me in a slightly shorter line.
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  19. Shit, this thread reminded me my license is 10 years old in July, best put it on the calendar so I remember to get a new one ordered. Tis easy over here and only needs to be doneevery 10 years.

    Passport runs out this week too but paying £80+ for a new one when I have no intention of using it this year seems a waste.
  20. You not go on holidays and stuffs?