......... is/are for Fags

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  1. All 3 of us need a new passport, that's around £210 before we even pay for the holiday.

    We wanted to go to Cornwall in the June half term but my cousin has her wedding that week now so has ruined it. Summer holiday prices are crazy and the Easter holiday might be a bit cold for a holiday in that sort of area where you want to go on the beaches. So it looks like we won't be doing a proper holiday this year, maybe just weekend trips.
  2. Reality TV is for fags.
  3. Yes. Yes it fucking is.
  4. Big Brother for instance.
  5. Also I'm a washed up has been get me out of strictly dancing on ice with the stars factor idol got talent. They're all shit.
  6. ^^100% agree with everything he said^^ though I understood like none of it
  7. Wrestling is for fags.

    Especially pro wrestling, where the sweaty, bulging, well oiled muscle men in tight spandex give passionate speeches before rubbing their bodies together and trying to pin each other to the mat. Even without all of the grappling and rubbing and pinning, all of the pageantry involved is really really gay.

    Wrestling is a sport that has its origins in gay naked Greek dudes trying to see who could pin down and forcibly sodomize the other. It's the most homoerotic sport on the planet.

    If you enjoy wrestling, you also enjoy having sex with men. I find it hilarious when people try to say that the WWE isn't gay.
  8. WWF/WWE used to be awesome back in the day when Steve Austin and the Rock were around. Now it has become tacky and cringe worthy.
  9. dude you just say that cuz your young. I'd be like 'it was just AWESOME back in the day with the actual Huld Hogan, Andre the Giant, Nature Boy Rick Flair, Macho Man Randy Savage. Ever since than it's just been soap opera dramatics.' which would be what I'd say! But would be just as wrong. WWE, even WWF has ALWAYS been silly dramatics.;

    One thing I will say, their not pussies. Many times the blood is real and MANY times the acrobatics is 100% real (though staged to look flashy) too. These guys are some of the MOST athletic around and though most WWE stars that go into the NFL suck, that's not due to not being athletic, that's usually due to bad form or too much muscle/ not agile enough.
  10. Ric Flair had pageantry that would make Liberace or Elton John blush. Not a good example of wrestling not being gay.

  11. Flair isn't gay. Piper, maybe.

  12. I used to enjoy wrestling in the rock/stone cold days, haven't watched it for about two years now because it got really shit. If you honestly think most of the blood is real then you're a fool. Anyone who thinks wrestling is real is an idiot. It's entertainment. The WWE Is and always has been a soap opera with fighting. That's it.
  13. I did however catch a bunch of episodes when shamus arrived on the scene and he was hilarious on the mic. He just went around threatening people. I remember web Mike Tyson (the baddest man on the planet) was guest hosting and he lunged at shamus, shamus simply responded with "I dare you to do that again". Hilarious.
  14. So NOT GAY!

  15. You sure do post a lot of stuff regarding homosexuality...

    I've come to the conclusion that you're either a redneck or you're a Mr Garrison type character i.e. a homophobic closet homosexual in denial. Either way this thread is enough proof that you seem to know an awful lot about what Gay men should like.

    As a side note a while back I was going to post a scat related picture in response to one of your comments so I foolishly typed scat into google images.

    I... I don't like.
  16. Why is it that when you point out the homoeroticism of wrestling, everyone accuses you of being gay? I started talking about how gay it was when a bunch of friends were watching wrestlemania and they had pretty much the same angry reaction as armadeadn. Except I don't watch wrestling, precisely because I don't want to see stuff like this.

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  18. Agree completely. People always say "it was good back on the day", ie, when they were a kid. Maybe it was a little better (I recall it being alright for a while as well), but I still think most of this is because you were an immature idiot kid.

    I'd go one step further and say that UFC is pretty gay as well. So over that shit and the stupid tough guy gang culture it promotes.
  19. UFC is definitely for the wannabe thug crowd.