......... is/are for Fags

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  1. And yet you keep posting stuff like that lol. I've never seen anything remotely like that in my time watching the WWE, however I'm not going to say that muscly men wearing nothing but pants grappling with other and rolling about on the floor isn't quite gay lol.
  2. You reposted that picture and I'm the fag? Ha.
  3. Only because I was quoting you lol. You're the one posting comments about people who wrestle having their erect penises fall into other guys' mouths so yeah, if I were like you I'd be calling you a fag right about now.
  4. I can't help it if awkward boners are a common problem during wrestling matches.
  5. is for fags
  6. I don't get it. What's faggy about playing the piano? And playing to well? and playing a quality tune from a massively pulse video game? Are you jealous much?
  7. What the hell is this phrase? It sounds very dudebroish, whatever that means.

    I think he might mean that it's for fags because he watched it and it made him gay.
  8. I meant massively popular. Sometimes I type too fast for my iPad to keep up and in auto corrects things badly half the time.
  9. some of those wrist manuevers sets off the gaydar if you know what I mean
  10. You got a boner?
  11. Disney is for fags.

  12. Pretending to be "open" when you're really not is for fags...

  13. Look who decided to join the party. I thought you were above posting in threads like these.
  14. oh wow alterego surprised me with that too.
  15. Religion threads are for fags.
  16. Scat stories are for fags.
  17. Scat stories are for real men.

  18. You've posted that story before, you running out of material?
  19. imo, it's worse that you recognized the story