Is TV Still a Vast Wasteland?

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    I think it still is a vast wasteland. In fact, I think it's gotten worse. Network TV (NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox) in particular is a gigantic crap factory. I don't think network TV has produced a decent show in the last decade. Everything on those networks seems to be a retarded reality show, dumb sitcom, or generic cop/legal/medical show. You also have shows like Lost, Heroes, or The Event that may initially seem unique, but resort to ridiculous twists and red herrings to try to hide horrible writing and a lack of direction. There's not much educational TV left. The History Channel now airs shows about ice road truckers, pawn shops, and UFO conspiracies. News channels are just thinly veiled political propaganda.

    The only decent TV now is on the premium channels like HBO, Showtime, and AMC. They're airing some really unique and outright brilliant shows like Breaking Bad and Dexter. But I don't think it's enough. Our generation increasingly doesn't watch much TV, and an increasing minority are cutting their cable in favor of alternatives on the internet like netflix and hulu. I wonder if TV will even exist in its current form in a few decades.
  2. Shut up. Lost was awesome.
  3. Lost sucked balls. It had a decent pilot, but after that it was a night time soap opera with a really stupid plot that went nowhere.

    Unfortunately the Walking Dead seems to be following the same trend.
  4. I'm going to hit you with my bean bag. And whats wrong with the walking dead? Is it back on the air?
  5. Same problem. It had a great pilot, but the show after that was crap. They turned a zombie show into a gay soap opera.
  6. This is why I play games more than I watch tv... a lot more.
  7. Me too. TV sucks ass.
  8. There are still great shows on TV. Fringe, Justified, Dexter are all on my watch lists. I really enjoyed Wonders of the Universe on BBC last month too.

    I also liked Walking Dead; the short run it had was merely to show it was possible. The stories in the comic book are anything but soap opera-ish..season 2 should be great.

    I do think though that there its Way too much shit on though. There seems to be more garbage greenlit each year and all of it gets canned within six at least it doesn't plague our screens for long
  9. I like Brian Cox, he makes good TV and both his series have been worth watching. He is also pretty good when he appears on other shows, he was entertaining on 'Would I lie to you' last week.

    Really its just a shame he was in D-Ream
  10. I saw a Carpool podcast with Robert Llewellyn that featured Brian Cox and one of the fan questions he answered was "If you were travelling at the speed of light, then turned your headlights on, would they have any effect?". The answer was a little disappointing and I wasn't expecting it.
  11. I used to watch Scarred a while back. Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach) was the host and he always said the show was "almost too painful to watch". My God he was right. Some of the stuff on that show was truly sick and/or brutal.
  12. They need to bring back Noels house party!
  13. No..... They really don't.
  14. Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway rips bits of House Party off but somehow - almost magnificently - is actually fucking worse. I don't think we've had a good Saturday night programme for a long time.

    I think the only current TV stuff I'm interested in is The Walking Dead, The US Office and Psych. I really don't find a lot that interests me.
  15. Wut? I thought everyone knew of special relativity, they'd see the light going off at c from the cars perspective, so no effect.
  16. He said something like "At the speed of light there is no time, so you wouldn't be able to turn your lights on in the first place" or words to that effect.
  17. reality tv is terrible. I'll go as far to say it's the spawn of the devil! I'm sure if you looked at the prophesized signs of the Appocalypse Reality TV would be one of them. Right after Oprah.