It's time for a change...first 1440p, then womanhood

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  1. I've probably been using the 5760x1200 triple screen resolution for about 10 years now and I think it's time for a change. The wide resolution has had it's advantages but I'm getting tired of having everything so spread out. It's also hit or miss with certain games. Sometimes the HUD components are so far a part their a pain in the ass to use. Dropping to a lower res will also give me a big increase in the FPS. Going 4k would drop my FPS by about 17%. So here are my options.

    27" 2560x1440 60Hz
    27" 2560x1440 120Hz
    27" 3840x2160 60Hz
    32" 2560x1440 60Hz

    $500 is my limit but I'd love to stay closer to $400. Thoughts?

    27" 60Hz monitors are pretty darn cheap these days. 4Ks can be had for almost the same price as a 1440p at 120/144Hz. I've never seen a 32" monitor and I'm worried it's be to big or the pixels too big at 1440p.
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    Try and craigslist your monitors and get more money.

    The Philips 40" 4K Panel was my top choice, but I was worried about my 780tis puffing out with the requirement for 4K gaming all the time. I had a Samsung TN 4K panel the colours were disgusting and that resolution is way too high for a 28" monitor.

    So your options, save a bit.

    Get either a high refresh rate IPS panel @ 1440p - maybe with free-sync (Since that amd chip might tempt you)
    Get a 32" BENQ 4K or any other 32" + 4K monitor with DP

    Dont get 32" at 1440p its vile.

    The BenQ is under $1000 now too. Whatever you do get an IPS panel.. Even with my ROG swift I dislike some of the issues associated with TN.
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    I'm considering the Overlord Tempest X270OC. It's a 27" IPS 1440p that over-clocks to 96 - 120Hz. Price is only $450. These are actually built in the US by a small company and have great reviews.

    I think I'll skip the 4k only because my initial experience with it on Windows wasn't that great. It seems like too many programs don't support it. I've tried the 5K on Mac and it's so much better than Windows.
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    Thats epic IPS too.

    $449 too

    Yup windows scaling is rubbish.. wish they'd sort it out for windows 10 at least
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    It's one of several companies that buy rejected Apple panels and then sell them a lot cheaper. Most reviews say they are flawless but some people have issues.
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    You might also want to look at the ASUS PB278Q. Samsung PLS panel, 27" 1440p. It's $429 and you're not buying something that uses a rejected panel like that Overlord monitor or the Korean monitors. I've read/heard good things about it.

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    Yeah that one is nice but their are trade offs. Input lag is 23 vs 28.3 and refresh is 96-120hz vs 60hz. Of course without seeing and trying them it's hard to say if any of that actually matters.
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    Thread title does not match contents. 1/10 I am disappoint.
  9. You were expecting bfun to announce that he was transitioning into a woman, weren't you?

  10. I thought bfun was announcing the inevitable move to Boulder.

  11. Once he gets his 1440p monitor and becomes bfunna, he/she will buy a pair of birkenstocks and move to Boulder.
  12. lol not gonna say it didn't flash in my mind... but I was expecting career change or moving away. Missed the fact it's in Technology, though.
  13. I don't think I'm alone when I say a screen resolution change is a bigger deal than a gender reassignment.

    Speaking of which, where are all the Bruce Jenner comments?
  14. 1440p changes lives.
  15. Grab your 1440p monitor and relocate to Dallas for a career change with TallyWackers