ITUS Shield

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  1. I was reading about a new product coming out by a company called Itus. It's an IPS box which they call Shield that goes inline between your modem and wireless router. The idea is that it detects and stops malicious activity both inbound and outbound from your network. It seems like a great idea but I haven't seen enough info on it yet to be convinced. Pre-order Prices started at $150 but are up to $230 now. I think we all know know that Antivirus software is getting pointless and Firewalls are too dumb to defend against the real threats.

    It was originally called the iGurdian but now it's Shield.

  2. Then again, it's running open source software.
  3. You mean Snort? Snort set the standards that all other IDS hope to meet. Cisco now uses it in their Sourcefire IDS.
  5. @alterego
    Can you really secure anything others have physical access to?

    If this makes Netflix 0.0000001 second slower, people will not buy it.
  7. So what your point here? Cisco residential product suck. Most residential products suck. One of the potential benefits of this device is that it protects your home router as well. Of course if the router and modem are the same device it wouldn't help.
  8. That is a pet peeve of mine. Had to fight with my ISP for weeks to swap their integrated router with a 'dumb' modem.
  9. My point is that it's just another device to be defeated by hackers and/or open source shenanigans.
  10. True. But the same can be said about every security device but it doesn't mean they don't have value. I think the major long term issues this device will have is it's inability to inspect SSL traffic.