Japan Earthquake and Tsunami (March 2011)

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  1. Doesn't this make the 6th disaster this year or something along those lines? There a few people on my Facebook who thinks this funny or are making jokes. Sick fuckers.
  2. I just saw a "Breaking News" banner online about a radiation surge at the nuclear reactor that was damaged and having cooling problems. One of the earlier quotes was about how they were still "several steps away from Three Mile Island" in terms of the danger. That didn't sound very reassuring to me. Three Mile Island was a U.S. reactor that nearly went into meltdown in 1979 and probably killed off any public interest in the U.S. for widespread nuclear power plants for close to 20 years.
  3. Yes, the reactors are an ongoing thing still, and supposedly there are warnings for the U.S as the wave is heading across the sea towards them. This is just a precaution though as it may dissipate by the time it hits your shores, or perhaps only a few metres high.
  4. Crescent City in Northern California suffered some fairly major damage to their harbor, and I know there was flooding in Hawaii. Southern California hasn't seen as big of a surge so far.
  5. Wow, I did not think it had already hit. This has been terrible for those parts of the world. Especially Japan. I dread to think what would have happen if Japan did not have their Earthquake and Tsunami precautions.
  6. The video of that wall of water rushing across Japan was crazy.
  7. There was also a video of a giant whirlpool that I saw. I read on another forum that at one point a boat was stick in its range. Not good. I feel for Japan and its citizens.
  8. If I were to make a joke, it would probably involve Godzilla and PhotoShop. Were the sick bastards on Facebook as clever?
  9. [​IMG]

    satellite pictures revealed this was taking place in the ocean moments before the tsunami hit.
  10. I knew that those Three Mile Island references were a bad omen! Now there's been a large explosion at the plant and the fears of at least a partial meltdown are closer to reality. Apparently this reactor is one of the earliest designs to be built, and therefore outdated in terms of safety.


  11. For now, lets pray for Japan, and its citizens.

    Apparently there is talk of a possible nuclear meltdown. Insane stuff.
  12. I'm surprised they don't have contingencies for this. They must have considered that a tsunami would hit the plant at some point.
  13. when you build nuclear power plants on the pacific ring of fire... i think everything else gets thrown out
  14. This is a great time to negotiate lower prices on west coast real estate.

  15. Japan is incredibly well prepared for earthquakes, their early warning systems, flexible skyscrapers and the people are taught what to do if one hits. However, no matter how well prepared your country is, when the Big Shit comes along, you are well and truly buggered
  16. That map is fake, but I'm guessing you realized that.
  17. How about a two 30 foot high wall around the whole thing? Battery backups and diesel generators burred under ground or up in th air.
  18. It sounds like the choice to pump seawater into the reactor basically guarantees that they'll never use that particular facility again. The salt water apparently will cause alot of damage to some of the sensitive mechanical elements, so they're just trying to prevent the meltdown and not worrying about whether that plant will still be usable in the future.
  19. And if that doesn't work they've lost all their other options.
  20. You ignorant tramp. I was trying to scare bfun, I think he lives in the radiation zone.