Jeremy Lin -- Chink in the armor

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  1. So another numbskull loses his job for either knowingly or unknowingly throwing a derogatory asian term into an ESPN headline

    There were actually 2 more instances of this being used and apparently none of the guys repeating this headline knew better enough to not use the term. ESPN suspended one of the dudes 30 days and the other guy wasn't an ESPN employee.

    BTW, if you guys don't know who Jeremy Lin is in the NBA, he's an Asian American player who was a walk-on to the NBA. Yep, he went to the NBA undrafted and finally got real minutes to play and has been throwing down points like nobody's business. He even dropped 38 on Kobe. But it's his history that is most impressive. He played ball in high school. Turned down all athletic scholarships and decided to go to a prestigious college instead (Harvard). Graduated and decided to go to attempt a career in the NBA.
  2. It's like a reverse version of this:

    Skip to 0:25:
  3. On the same note, I was laughing at this:
  4. I saw that and lmao'd :) and I am very Chinese... just it's a very nicely consealed rasist remark lol somebody deserves applaud for that!

    And than he deserves to be fired and laughed at some more.
  5. Do you know why they use metal chain basketball nets in China?
  6. I sense a very dry humor joke from chair coming right now.
  7. You're expecting a punchline?

    When a shot drops (a chink in the chain), it sounds like someone speaking Chinese.
  8. and it can double as a chastity belt. you know women there are sexually active at the age of 12 in China... very economical as well.
  9. Mountains out of molehills much? Would they react the same way if the story was about the owner of Jacob's who's a white guy and the headline read "Nut Cracker"?
  10. I don't even like pro basket ball but I think it's a little sad that people are making such a big deal out of an Asian player. He's a person, he plays basket ball, nuff said. Now change the channel because basket ball sucks.
  11. Armadeadn is a dog cracker.

    I'm just waiting for a some muscled black guy to take down a whole bunch of police with a shotgun, just for the Arnold Schwarzenigger headline.
  12. How dare you sir!
  13. What does that even mean? It sounds provocative!
  14. only the media is making a big deal about it because he's asian, the rest of the world just likes him cuz he's become a great young talent.

    That besides the fact that asian pride is abnormally big any way... and that finding a tall asian with skills HAS to be pretty rare. But there have been others, like Yao Ming I don't see why it would be a big deal, other than it's easy to make puns off of.
  15. you fail to understand that this is journalism for a national sports news company. the writer wrote a derogatory term as a headline. you can bet your ass that anyone would get fired for that. you may not understand racism its highly unlikely that you've experienced it, but believe it not, people do experience it throughout their life and they will put companies under fire if no action is taken.
  16. read my first post again. I explained why he is a big deal. there is no other player in NBA history like him. it's not only because he is Asian, but also because he turned down athletic scholarships to go to a prestigious college. that was his decision. he also decided to try to get into the NBA as a walk on. assuming you guys don't know what that means, he was not drafted, which 99% of the successful NBA players are. he went to a practice game and was picked up by the golden state warriors, I believe, for a minimum contract. Even if this guy was white or black, he'd be all over the news by now.
  17. Armadeadn is a fully paid up member of the EDL
  18. Bla Bla Bla I know all that. Been in the news 100 times. But people are still making a big deal about him being Asian. The NBA is using this now to try and sell BB to China and other Asian countries.
  19. What are you talking about? Asian kids love basketball.
  20. Well, other than Yao Ming, can you name any other Asian player that was in the NBA? NFL? NHL?

    I think the MLB is the only sport that has a consistent amount of players from Asia.

    Other than him being a walk-on to the NBA, he literally came out of nowhere and started dropping 20+ points in his first few games starting. He has scored more points than Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson, and Shaq in his and their first four starts. On top of that, he dropped 38 points on a player considered to be the best in the league (Kobe). You can basically say if the Knicks' point guards never got hurt, we would've never heard of Jeremy Lin.

    BTW, basketball is and has already been huge in China for a while now. They have their own pro leagues for men and women.