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  1. I have a big job interview next week. I've only interviewed for two jobs in the last 12 years so I'm a bit rusty. I don't interview well because I get nervous and forget everything I want to say. Any tips?
  2. Get plenty of sleep for one thing, that way you will be alert and ready. I would not worry about it much either as that gets you more nervous. I am quite lucky as I never get nervous much for interviews.

    I would also be yourself and don't lie about anything or make out your some amazing working. That said, don't make out your rubbish either. Try and sell yourself in a good way on the job itself and if you can add a sly good joke to break the ice or loosen tension then you will be all sound.
  3. I have the same problem, which is really fucking surprising. I'm a very apathetic person, so I don't really get emotional either way about shit. But for whatever reason, interviews really make me nervous. At some point in time it will always involve hands tremor and being unable to speak.

    I think the only real cure is to interview alot, or don't interview at all (what I chose).

    What are you interviewing for?
  4. I'm interviewing for a job. :p I don't really know much about it so it might be difficult to tailor my answers. I've heard two different stories about what the job is and the job advertisement only mentions required skills.

    My last interview was horrible. I actually got walking pneumonia before the interview and the job wasn't at all what I expected. I had to sit in front of 3 people drilling me with questions I didn't have answers to and I was getting loopy from the "purple drank". It was a bad experience. I think I'm going to pop some benzodiazepine this time. If I get naked and start jumping around I'll know I took too much.

    I once interviewed a guy that got so scared he couldn't speak. Not a word. We had to walk him out of the room to get a drink of water and he didn't come back. Felt really bad for the guy.
  5. Think about stock questions and your responses to them. Practice those responses.

    If they ask the standard question regarding weaknesses (however its included) make sure you reply with something that can also be seen as a strength (my one is that I'm very analytical so I can take a bit longer to absorb processes but, when I do, I know them intrinsically).

    Think of good questions to ask that make you seem keen; look up info on the company for something pertinent.

    Drink tiger blood before going in. Don't imagine them naked; YOU go in naked. If someone asks where you'll be in 5 years, say 'doing your wife'. Youll be hired in no time.
  6. What kind of job? IT?

    Just smile and be happy all the time! Job Interviews in the USA is all about 30% based on your skills and 60% based on your presentations. You'll figure out the rest.
  7. I usually just think about a general outline of my professional experience and skills and how they apply to the new position, and probably more importantly, what I could say regarding my specific interest in the job I'm applying for. It's always better to not sound like you're applying at random, and as monsly says having a few predetermined questions that you can ask about the company or position is always good. Spend some time running through those kinds of things, but don't think about it like a script.

    Plus, if it's a first interview, they're usually more casual anyway.