Killzone 3

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  1. The open beta will be available to download from the ps store on the 3rd of february until the 15th, to give you a taster a few weeks before the game comes out.

    It's the frozen dam level, I believe.
  2. A sneak peak at another multiplayer level, set in a jungle/swamp.

  3. I really did get bored of KZ2 by the end and to be honest the end wasn't very long after we started playing it. This game is going to have to have improved a lot over its predecessor to get me interested and this time I won't just be taking your word for it. Your suggestions have landed me with some bad choices in the past *cough* MONSTER HUNTER IS WANK *cough* and I currently have no faith in you to be able to pick a decent game.

    The single player on 2 wasn't much better either and I think I gave up after the first few hours. Does this one has any kind of co-op options with the campaign which might make it more bearable?
  4. I actually enjoyed KZ2, even though I never liked the first. I have yet to finish the last few chapters though. KZ3 will be a definite buy for me though.
  5. There is apparently split screen co-op, but online is probably not gonna happen
  6. The Killzone 3 "open beta" is now available tondownload for those of you who are interested. Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield.
  7. Tell us what you think of it when you can Chi, I want to see if it actually is better than the last game.
  8. @chi: what's the release date for this?
  9. Well it's nothing new for those of us who got into the closed beta. It definitely moves a lot less sluggishly than Killzone 2, but there is enough of a hint of weight that it doesn't feel like CoD's twitch movement.

    Multiplayer at least, has gone a bit more like CoD with more obvious point pop ups, the game modes are all team based and there's one with cutscenes and capture/defend gameplay that does seem to get people playing as a team a lot more.

    Character classes are available at the start, rather than being unlocked and each class has their own specific weapons and abilities. The medic gets a flying drone following him about, for example.

    Overall, it's a lot easier to get into than Killzone 2, the levels are more varied and there are giant robot suits.

    @monsly, the game's due out on the 25th here
  10. The balance issues are my main concern. The 2nd game could be hellish for spawn point raping and higher level players having too much of an advantage.
  11. They've taken out the spawn grenades because of the spawn rape so it shouldn't be as big of an issue this time around.
  12. Killzone team failed again.;thumb;1
  13. How did they fail? 8.5 is a good score and muliplayer has been made more accessible.
  14. The previous game recieved an 9.0
  15. It got a 9.4 from Gametrailers..
  16. It's clearly failed because Gamespot are the official organisation for the recognition of game success/failure. I'm sure Hellripper hasn't been guilty of any sort of bias when selecting this example and is in no way swayed by his somewhat bizarre console paranoia.
  17. As long as it's a decent departure from the direction of the second. I don't care what KZ2 scored, it was boring as hell.

    On a side note I find that quite an odd statement. I imagine hell to be anything buy boring. Pain may be uncomfortable, but it's quite the opposite of boring.
  18. That's why I always ask the drunk man in the corner of the bar. I show him a picture of a game and he rates it for me. Never been wrong yet.
  19. I allways read GameSpot, most people do, its the biggest aswel. And best yet, its not pro console or pro pc, etc.

    KZ3 just isnt the game they promised and what we expected. Abit like GT5 i think. To much hype.
  20. Eh? It's exactly the game I was expecting. What promises? Are you just creating bizarre strawmen again? I wonder.