Kingdom of Jordan vs. ISIS

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  1. King of Jordan ready to drop the ban-hammer on ISIS.

  2. Yes, because overreacting worked out so well for us after 9/11.
  3. I suspect he had been wanting to be more openly supportive in the fight against ISIS but also didn't want to appear to be too much of an American ally in what some consider a strictly Western war on ISLAM. Burning a Muslim alive was a really bad move by ISIS. I imagine the King now has all the public support he needs.
  4. The king already executed two captured ISIS members by hanging, so I'm pretty sure he means business. Muslims are pissed. This was a stupid move on ISIS's part. I don't think they can successfully fight both the West and the Muslim world.
  5. LOL! This dude either watches way too many movies, or is a throwback to old school kings from centuries ago. He is going to personally lead the charge on combat missions as a pilot. Probably thinks he'll take care of ISIS this weekend, and make it home to his super hot wife by next week.

  6. Leaders going into battle with their men was common until modern times. Maybe he's just old school.
  7. This guy must have spent his childhood watching Schwarzenegger in Commando over and over. Not only does he drive his own armored car, they already began air strikes killing 55 militants. He also had good judgement not marrying Maria Shriver, which should earn him a theme song...

  8. He's just playing the GOP like a violin. He knows that quoting Eastwood and then dropping some bombs on a group that has no Air Force might score Jordan some easy weapons shipments etc. ISIS is already desperate, which is why they spend so much time on executions these days rather than what they used to be known for…a supposedly "unstoppable" invasion force. That's what the Western media thought until Obama directed some air strikes against them in coordination with local ground forces.
  9. Where are you getting that from out of curiosity? All the usual suspects are saying they doubled their territory grab.

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    Somebody is getting played, I don't think it's our govt. All too convenient series of events now allows a ME native, an apparent 80's action hero caricature, to become the face of the war against ISIS...
  10. They haven't doubled squat. Kobane, which the Western media played up as an example of the irresistible force of ISIS, turned into a defeat. Remember when Baghdad was supposedly about to fall to ISIS?
  11. Looks like the story of him leading the attack was just a bunch of hoopla started by an Iraqi news outlet.
  12. Yep…turns out that Jordan wanted predator drones from the State Department last year and was denied. Now the GOP reps that were so easily impressed with the King's Clint Eastwood quotes are trying to reverse that denial and get them shipped out. Chumps!
  13. I don't support selling any of our allies expensive military tech. They are going to reverse engineer it immediately, so we have to pump trillions into new tech trying to stay ahead, only to sell/deal it away. Circle of stupidity.
  14. Who needs the US military. Radio Shack sells these for $750. Now that they're bankrupt Jordan can get them for pennies on the dollar.

  15. True. With some reverse engineering, they can launch their own fleet made from Legos.