Lame Youtube Religion bullshit dumpster thread

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  1. I put this thread in the dumpster because that's where it's bound to end up anyway. I just couldn't read what this guy was saying and not share it with someone. It's a perfect example of how people's lack of understanding of certain subjects (in this case evolution) can make people think some crazy things.

    I was watching a youtube video two days ago on the topic of the whole Bill Nye vs Creationism thing that happened and I felt compelled to post this comment.

    Then yesterday I found this in my youtube inbox.

    I replied thusly:

    This morning I noticed another reply.

    This afternoon I sent a follow up message.

    I eagerly await his response.
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    Isn't it now widely accepted that birds probably evolved from dinosaurs? You do get big changes but they take a very long time.
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    Can someone summarize this epic 800 page novel of youtube comments, because I'm seriously not reading all of that. This really just seems like a Cool Story Bro/EN thread that's awesome to armadeadn and no one else.

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    my thumb got a cramp swiping so many times to get to the bottom
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    It's like the War and Peace of Youtube comments.
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    We need an Incinerator to purge the Dumpster of this
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    While I would say I support the idea of the Intelligent Design, I have to admit that it is still a set of beliefs.

    It means that ID should not consist in trying to PROVE anothing. It is everybody's priviledge to believe and it is a mistake to try to prove your beliefs.

    On the other hand, evolutionsts still has a lot of work, as some evolution's "inventions" seem to still be unexplained. If Dawkins says that

    then he's no more than a religious zealot trying to convince me that if I can't think of something (read: "believe") then this is my problem. Of course he doesn't have proofs and rather than saying it clearly ("Ok, guys, we don't have so many immediate forms of feathers to show you the exact evolution route") he creates a mind game ("might", "possible"). Yes, Richard, if earliest feathers MIGHT have been an approach to keep reptiles warm, then accept that it MIGHT have been designed by God or aliens or anyone.

    Just be fair, if there are no clear proofs for something, then explaining a POSSIBLE process is nothing more than a mind game.
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    The conditioning by first Mistress Angela and since by Mistress Catherine had
    removed even the smallest traces of independence in Alice. She depended utterly
    on others to make even the smallest decisions: when to eat, when to go to the
    toilet, what to wear and when in the company of strangers even what to say.
    Alice loved her mistress unconditionally and was unable to remember a time when
    she had been independent. It seemed to Alice that she must have been born this
    way: a fully-grown oversexed sissy-slave.

    Mistress Catherine, however, was growing tired of Alice. The conditioning had
    gone so far that there were no challenges left and even the sport of the torture
    sessions was getting old. So she decided that it was time to get a new sissy to
    train and she knew just whom it should be. At the office she had hired a young
    man, a boy really, just nineteen years old. He did odd jobs around the office
    and he was perfect: no family, no friends and he had a slightly feminine way
    about him. Whenever Mistress Catherine talked to him, he blushed and looked away
    so it was a safe bet that he had a crush on her. Luring him over to her place
    would be almost too easy. She would of course have to train him from scratch,
    but Mistress Catherine thought that it was far too long since she had done
    something like that, so it was about time. She had all the pieces in place and
    was ready to go.

    All that remained was what to do about Alice and of course she had plan here
    also. Mistress Catherine had recently met another mistress who ran a whorehouse
    catering to the most perverse only. All the whores were slaves and they were
    subjected to the harshest and most perverse treatment. Some the mistress in
    question, Mistress Latifa, caught and trained herself, while others were bought.
    Mistress Latifa had all kinds of slaves: men, women and all stages in between.
    For most of the slaves at Mistress Latifa's establishment life was harsh and
    brutal, and on average they lasted just six months before being completely worn

    But before Mistress Catherine sold Alice to Mistress Latifa, she wanted to have
    some sport with her. One Saturday morning after breakfast Mistress Catherine
    started what was to be her last torture session with Alice. She started out by
    stripping Alice until she stood completely naked, wearing only her heels, a
    collar and her chastity sleeve humming away as it stimulated the needy slave.
    Alice did her best not to squirm, but her need was too powerful for her to stand
    completely still even after years of punishment. Then Mistress Catherine threw
    her a pair of boots and ordered her to put them on. As always this meant that
    she had to sit down, since she was unable to stand flatfooted. The boots were
    brutal: made of black leather and laced up to just below the knee, they were
    ballet-toed with ten-inch heels. Standing in them without help was out of the
    question. Nonetheless that was what Mistress Catherine demanded that she do.
    When Alice had fallen for the third time, Mistress Catherine exploded: "You
    useless piece of slave shit! You really are growing more and more worthless by
    the minute!" Alice tried apologizing but it was no use. Mistress Catherine had
    long since decided what would happen to her; she just liked the drama. First she
    put rubber mittens on Alice's hands, rendering them useless. Then, twisting her
    arm so that she had compete control over her, she helped Alice walk to the
    padded cross in the basement, where she strapped her up.
    Slowly at first, but then with increasing speed and intensity Mistress Catherine
    then started whipping Alice. She used a modified, shorted version of a bullwhip
    so that she wouldn't kill Alice, but still the whipping had Alice screaming in
    no time. The screaming didn't stop Mistress Catherine, but rather encouraged
    her. By the time Mistress Catherine stopped the whipping, Alice was covered in
    angry red welts, only her face untouched. Her head hung down as she sobbed and
    tried to mumble excuses to Mistress Catherine. Mistress Catherine was just
    getting started and her next move was to rub Alice in a special ointment. The
    ointment smelled sweet enough and at first it felt pleasantly cool against her
    damaged skin. That soon changed as it began inducing a burning sensation in her
    skin, a sensation that grew and grew in intensity until Alice was screaming at
    the top of her lungs. Mistress Catherine just stood back and watched as Alice
    thrashed and screamed. Even though she had grown tired of her, Alice stills
    screamed most satisfactorily and Mistress Catherine brought herself to several
    orgasms while watching Alice scream in pain.
    Finally, after almost and hour, the effect started to wear off and after almost
    an one and a half hours Alice hung limply on the cross, completely spent. Not
    that Mistress Catherine was finished, far from it. She untied the almost
    unconscious sissy from the cross and made her crawl across the floor for the
    next part of the torture. Alice perked up a great deal when Mistress Catherine
    removed her butt-plug/battery pack and her chastity device. In spite of the pain
    and exhaustion, her member became instantly hard. She was, however, smart enough
    to not try to masturbate.
    Out of the floor rose a very large dildo made of steel with hard ridges along
    its entire length. Fortunately Alice was very lithe because Mistress Catherine
    made her slide down on the dildo, forcing her legs into a split until all of her
    leg touched the ground as did almost her crotch. Her legs were then secured to
    the floor by tying them to rings already embedded in the cement floor. Behind
    Alice's back a thick metal pole rose and Mistress Catherine used this to secure
    Alice so that she had almost no freedom of movement left. First she tied Alice
    hands in a back prayer and then she secured Alice collar to the pole. Alice was
    now impaled on the dildo and tied to the pole, sitting on the floor, her legs
    split as wide as they would possibly go. The position was very strained and more
    than a little painful, but still her cock stood throbbing with need and Alice's
    eyes pleaded with Mistress Catherine to please allow her to cum. Mistress
    Catherine smiled cruelly down on her slave. Then she produced a box full of
    needles, which made Alice cry with fear. This only made Mistress Catherine smile
    even more as she started the torture. Soon Alice was screaming and pleading as
    her tits were gradually covered with needles. When she was finished Alice was a
    sobbing whimpering wreck. Mistress Catherine stood towering above her, looking
    as sexy and dominant as ever. Even though Alice was in extreme pain she couldn't
    help but feel great affection for this cruel woman, but she was a little
    surprised that her genitals had remained untouched.
    This reason for this became apparent as Mistress Catherine did something most
    unusual for a torture session. Mistress Catherine wore black, leather Oxfords
    with seven-inch heels made from ultra-thin metal. Now she used the sole of her
    shoe to stimulate Alice's throbbing cock. She pressed Alice's cock against the
    cold cement floor and rubbed it between the sole of her shoe and the cold, hard
    and gritty cement floor. It was painful, somewhat like having your cock rubbed
    with sandpaper while it was being squeezed hard, but it was also extremely
    arousing. Alice moaned, her head thrown back as she surrendered to the
    sensation. This was by far the most sexually arousing treatment she had been
    subjected to in years and she felt her orgasm building rapidly. And then,
    against all hope, Mistress Catherine allowed her to cum. She stepped extra hard
    on Alice's while grinding it into the floor and Alice exploded in a mind-blowing
    orgasm. She screamed and thrashed as her cum spewed out on the floor in a
    seemingly endless stream. Alice babbled out incoherent expressions of gratitude
    to Mistress Catherine as she was tied and impaled on the floor. In spite of the
    pain it had been perhaps the best orgasm of her life.

    However, the relaxed feeling in her whole body that Alice was experiencing, was
    not to last. Without warning Mistress Catherine kicked Alice in the balls with
    the pointy toe of her high-heeled Oxfords. The shock and the pain were so bad
    that Alice couldn't even scream. But it was only the beginning as Mistress
    Catherine started an avalanche of kicks to Alice's groin. The pain was
    excruciating and soon Alice found her voice and started screaming her head off
    before vomiting and loosing consciousness. Mistress Catherine patiently cleaned
    up the vomit, woke Alice up and continued where she had let up. After fifteen
    minutes of kicking Alice's balls were beginning to swell up, so Mistress
    Catherine changed tactics. She started using her sharp stiletto heels instead.
    She pressed the heel into one of Alice's testicles until Alice was beside
    herself with pain and it looked like the sack was about to pop. She held her
    heel there for endless minutes before relieving the pressure. Then she moved on
    the next testicle. She alternated between Alice's balls like that for what
    seemed like ages. Alice fainted several times, but Mistress Catherine just woke
    her up before continuing.
    This went on for quite a while and Alice was sure that she had been permanently
    damaged when Mistress Catherine stopped. Although she was ready to collapse
    Alice babbled out her incoherent thank-yous to Mistress, glad that it was over.

    Only it wasn't over. Mistress Catherine knelt down in front of Alice, took her
    chin and forced her to look her in the eyes. "Slave," she said, "I have grown
    tired of you; bored with your presence. So I'm selling you." Alice started to
    cry in earnest when she heard this, but Mistress Catherine slapped her face and
    continued: "Shut you worthless slut! Before I sell you, however, I have one
    final thing to do to you: I'm going to remove your useless nuts." Alice screamed
    in fear as she heard this. Her balls were probably badly damaged already, but at
    least she still had them. Now Mistress Catherine wanted to castrate her and the
    thought filled Alice with terror. But there was nothing she could do about it.
    With an evil smile Mistress Catherine produced a nutcracker. To the sound of
    Alice's pleas for mercy turning into screams of pain, she used the nutcracker to
    destroy Alice's balls. She used it until each testicle was almost shapeless.
    Alice had passed out a couple of times, but each time Mistress Catherine had
    woken her up before continuing. Alice had screamed until her voice had broken,
    so she had nothing left as Mistress Catherine stood up for the final phase of
    the torture. Again using her sharp heels, she stepped on Alice's testicles until
    they popped. She continued stepping until she had opened a gash in the testicle
    sacks and blood was oozing out on the floor. The final humiliation came when
    Mistress Catherine reached into the badly damage testicle sacks and took out
    Alice's mangled balls and ordered her to eat them. Alice cried and begged, but
    there was no escape. In the end she swallowed her own balls.

    Her time as Mistress Catherine's slave was over as she was sent off to the
    doctor to repair some of the damage. When she came back her crotch was smooth
    except for the pathetic and useless appendage, which hung there, tiny and limp.
    Alice was a sad, docile and sexless slave as Mistress Catherine sealed her in a
    crate and shipped her off to Mistress Latifa. She cried inconsolably, but there
    were no goodbyes between them. The goodbye had effectively been when Mistress
    Catherine had forced her to eat her own balls.
  9. cmdrmonkey proves there is no god.
  10. Or maybe that ctrl-c, ctrl-v works correctly in his browser.
  11. Chapter 1

    As I positioned my cock at the opening of the enema bag and let loose a
    stream of piss, I glanced down at Coach squirming with obvious delight
    as the golden nectar filled his rectum.

    "Yeah, fucker!" Coach moaned, "that's our jock piss mixin' in that bag
    and fillin' up my shitty ass! Gonna cut loose with some real football
    stink soon. Fuck!"

    "Fillin' you up with premium piss, Coach. Feel good?"

    "Fuck yeah! I live to play dirty, man! Gimme all you've got!"

    After squeezing the last drop of my nectar into the bag, I returned the
    bag to the hook on the pole. Dropping down to my knees, I tackled
    Coach's reeking pouch with my face. Sniffing and slurping at the
    bulging pouch. The heady aroma and funky taste got my adrenelin

    "Smell that jock, motherfucker!" Coach roared, slapping the side of my
    helmet. "Taste all that stink. This jock goes back to my pro ball days
    and never's been washed. Fuckin' full of stale piss, cum, sweat and
    buttstink from me and my buddies!"

    "Fuckin' jock raunch!" I moaned, sniffing and sucking on the filthy
    pouch. "Smells and tastes so fuckin' good, Coach! I love manstink!"

    "Yeah? You like it stink and dirty, Denny?"

    "I'm a fuckin' pig for stink, Coach! I belong in a trough filled with
    the filth of men!"

    "Fuckin' pig!" Coach roared, hocking up a wad of spit and sending it
    spewing onto my helmet. "Yeah. I'm gonna give you manstink alright.
    Gonna fuckin' give you all the stink you ever dreamed of."

    "Yes! Please, sir!" I practically begged. "I want all of your stink.
    All of your filth!"

    With a sigh, Coach slid the nozzle out of his ass. Raising it up
    between his muscular thighs like an erect cock, he rubbed it over the
    already filthy pouch of his jockstrap. I watched as a brown slime
    spread out onto the material from the nozzle.

    A powerful stench of ripe sewer swirled up my nostrils. The pungent
    aroma of Coach's shitchute.

    "There's a jock's real stink, Denny!" Coach hissed. "The odor of
    buttslop is a jock's genuine stink!"

    "Aw fuck!" I gasped, dragging my nose over the slimey, stinking pouch
    and breathing the stench deeply.

    The warm goo, a combination of piss, shit and anal juice spread out in a
    thin film over the hairs of my moustache, nose and lips. My mind
    reeling with lust, I opened my mouth and engulfed Coach's rancid pouch
    once more. The tart tang of dirty asshole swirled within my mouth. It
    drove me into a heated frenzy of slurping and sucking of Coach's pouch
    and hard groping of my own cupped pouch. All the while that erotic
    stink saturated the twin canals of my nostrils.

    "Worship the jock stink, motherfucker! Live for that fuckin' stink,

    "Mmmmmm!" I groaned. "Fuck!"

    "Oh yeah! The jock of stink is giving you a sample of his raunch,

    "More! Please, Coach. Give me more of your stink. I want it. I need

    "My ass is a fuckin' sewer, man! It's packed with shit and piss. Wanna
    play some hardball in jock buttslop?"

    "Yes! Yes!" I groaned, horny yet somewhat frustrated by Coach's slow,
    methodic temptations.

    Here was a man who had played the game many times before. A man who
    utilized every bit of strategy to get his opponent exactly where he
    wanted him to be before unleashing his brute force to gain pleasure.

    Coach's tactics was doing a number on me. My body was trembling. My
    heart racing with lust. My flesh prickling with goose bumps. My cock
    throbbed within my jockstrap oozing pre-cum into the athletic cup. My
    balls ached as they churned my spooge. My asshole twitched. I was
    breaking out in a sweat of animal heat and depraved lust.

    "Get up on your knees, boy!" Coach bellowed.

    With some reluctance but with mounting anticipation, I jerked myself up,
    kneeling, my hands rubbing my crotch.

    "You got me so fuckin' hot, Coach!" I rasped. "I'm so fuckin' horny
    for you right now."

    Coach flashed me a wicken grin, as he undid his chin strap and removed
    his helmet. He looked so sexy and nasty as he placed his helmet on the
    workout bench, up-side-down.

    "Take off your helmet, Denny and toss it here."

    "Mmmmmm! I can smell your sweat." Coach said, as he sniffed the inside
    of my helmet. "I love the smell of a young jock's sweat. Now we're
    gonna trade helmets but first ..."

    Coach's voice trailed into a seductive chuckle, as he put on my helmet.
    Helmet in place, he bent his knees slightly and lowered his ample butt
    onto the bowl of his helmet.

    My breaths became rapid with excitement as I anticipated Coach's next

    "First, I'm gonna ripen up my helmet for you, Denny!"

    "Aw man!" I groaned, groping my crotch with one hand and tweaking my
    erect nipple with the other. "Fuck, Coach!"

    "This is how me and my buddies play ball." Coach whispered.

    "You're gonna shit in your helmet. Aren't you, Coach?" I rasped, in an
    excited voice.

    "You want me to do that for you, Denny? Take a dump in my helmet?"

    "Anything you feel like doin', Coach." I responded, gasping with lust.

    "Tell me what you want, fucker? Talk to Coach?"

    Coach was using his strategy again. Pitting, as it were, one team
    against another. In this case, the former linebacker of the Miami
    Dolphins against a fullback of the Mesa Verde Trojans. But I had a
    feeling that this game was going to be an even draw. Both opponents
    scoring enough touchdowns to win the pleasure we so eagerly sought.

    "I want your stink! I want your fuckin' jock slop, man!" I chanted,
    pinching my nipple until I winced in pain.

    "That what you want, jockboy? My fuckin' buttfudge in this helmet for
    you to wear?"

    "Yes! Yes!" I pleaded.

    "If I give you what you want, what will you give me in return?" Coach

    "Whatever you want, Coach! Anything!"

    "Mmmmmm!" Coach sighed, his mouth wide open. Tracing his tongue over
    his full lips, he grunted and let rip a juicy fart.
    Raising his ass slightly so I could see, Coach expelled from his asshole
    a geyser of brown slime into his helmet.

    "Aw fuck!" I moaned, digging my hand into my jockstrap to grab my
    sweaty, clamy cock.

    The wet, slurping sound of a juicy fart followed by a whoosing, sloshing
    sound as Coach's filth hit the inside of the helmet, resounded in my

    "Oooooo!" Coach cooed. "Stink and dirty, Denny!"

    Reaching behind himself, Coach ran his hand up and down his asscrack.

    "Wiping my ass, Denny! Nice and warm. So fuckin' dirty, man!"

    Coach held up his hand before me coated with his buttsludge. Slipping
    his hand under the visor of the helmet he wore, I watched as he sniffed,
    then licked his fingers.

    "Fuck! Fuck!" I cried.

    "Mmmmmm! Fuckin' stink, jockboy!" Coach groaned, passing his dirty
    fingers under his nose. "Fuckin' stinks of my shit and your hot piss,

    "I want that stink, motherfucker!"

    "You want the jock's stink?" Coach asked, lapping his tongue on his
    filthy digits. "I'm tasting asshole now, Denny. Fuckin' shitty
    asshole. Mmmmmm! Fuckin' ripe, man!"

    I was trembling all over. My knees were quaking and unsteady. The
    reeking stench of raw shit rose into the air. Its putrid fumes curled
    up my nostrils. Trembling with desire, my body shaking, I sunk back on
    my haunches.

    "I think it's time for you to be inducted as a member of the Miami
    Dolphins, Denny!" Coach said, rising to his full height, picking up his
    helmet with his fingers curled around the visor and handing the helmet
    to me. "Put it on!"

    I took the helmet into my hands as if I were receiving a sacred vessel.
    Lowering my head I sniffed its rancid contents first. It reeked of raw
    sewage. It reminded me of the odor contained in portable toilets at
    construction sites. Those receptacles of man filth that I'd sneak into
    and placing my head into the foul bowl, I'd breathe deep the noxious
    fumes as I masturbated furiously.

    "Fuckin' good, Coach!" I moaned, huffing the helmet's contents. "Your
    stink smells so fuckin' good!"

    As I placed the helmet into position and felt Coach's warm sludge
    cascade over my head, the slimey funk from his asshole dripped from my
    hair onto my shoulder pads.

    "Yeah, motherfucker! Wear my stink. Rub my slop all over your gear,

    "Mmmmmm! Oh fuck!" I groaned, reaching up and smearing Coach's filth
    outward over my shoulder pads. Jaming my hand back under the helmet and
    scooping more stink onto my hand, I slapped my hand on top of the helmet
    and swirled my hand around before dragging my hand down the side of my
    body and back onto my cleated shoes.

    "Yeah! Smell like a stink jock, man! Fuckin' smell like my asshole,
    motherfucker. Rub my stink all over your gear."

    As I did what Coach demanded, he grabbed the enema bag. Placing it to
    his butthole, he groaned loudly as he spewed the remaining contents of
    his anal passage into the bag. His slurping, wet farts seemed to echo
    in the garage and between slitted eyelids, I watched as the enema bag
    swelled and bulged as Coach filled it up once more.

    Chapter 2

    "Fuckin' pig!" Coach hollered. "Look at you all slimed up with
    stinking shit!"

    "Thank you, Coach." I gasped, yanking my dick out from my jockstrap and
    wanking it.

    "That's it, boy! Stink up that dick of yours but don't you fuckin' cum
    yet! Cum now and you'll be lickin' shit off my cleats while you give me
    a hundred push ups!"

    "That wouldn't be punishment, Coach! That would be pure pleasure!" I
    droaned, as I slid my stinky hands under the helmet and smeared the
    gooey residue on my face.

    "You'd like that, fucker? Wouldn't you?"

    "Yes, Coach. I would."

    As I pulled on my dick I could feel cock snot oozing out of my pisshole.
    I wanted to cum so bad but I wanted this to last. I had to fight with
    myself to restrain the urge to cum.

    "Take that hand off your cock, jockboy! Don't want you cummin' yet."

    Taking my hand away, my cock bobbed and jerked on its own needing no
    assistance from me.

    "Get up here on the bench!" Coach snapped. "Down there yelpin' like a
    fuckin' sick pup! Get that ass of yours up!"

    As I rose to my feet, Coach yanked me by the visor and pulled me to him.
    Our helmets clanked together.

    "Un-necessary roughness, Coach!" I hissed, yanking the front of his
    jockstrap down, freeing his thick, long tool.

    "I'll give you rough, motherfucker!" Coach snapped.

    Gurgling his throat, he hocked up a thick wad of spit and sent it flying
    onto my face. It hit me between the eyes and rolled down my nose and
    onto my eagerly waiting tongue.

    As I swept Coach's mouth spooge into my mouth, he shoved me backwards.
    Staggering back I fell onto the workout bench.

    "Get that ass up in the air, you fuckin' jock slut!" Coach roared.

    Knocked down on my back, I reached down behind my knees and yanked my
    legs up towards my chest.

    "Yeah! Fuckin' show me that hairy, jock pussy!"

    I drew my legs back as hard as I could so my buttcheeks could spread
    wide and reveal to Coach, amid the forest of hair swirling in my trench,
    my juicy, twitching teen age cunt.

    "Want my jockhole, Coach!" I hissed, letting rip, without shame, a
    thundering fart.

    "Nasty, scum bitch!" Coach yelled, raising his hand high in the air and
    sending it flying down wih a resounding slap against my upturned ass.

    "You son of a fuckin' ..."

    My voice trailed. My head rolled from side to side. My cock and balls
    jumped as again and again Coach's open palm smacked hard against my ass.

    "Cocksuckin' motherfucker!" I yelled, yanking my legs towards my chest
    and raising my ass higher.

    "Stinking shit pig!" Coach responded, smacking my ass hard, causing me
    to wince with pain and pleasure. "Fuckin' filthy fag whore cunt!"

    With each stinging slap I writhed and chuckled with the pleasure of
    sensual pain.

    "Beat my pig whore ass, you motherfuckin', son of a turd suckin',
    fuckin' bitch!" I screamed.

    Grabbing the nozzle of the enema bag from the floor, Coach rubbed it
    over my twitching asslips.

    "I know what you want, you stinking fuck!" Coach gasped, slipping the
    nozzle up my rectum. "Fuckin' dirty pig wants a pig's stinking slop!"

    "You fuckin' bastard!" I groaned, as the warm, putrid liquid from
    Coach's bowels spewed out of the nozzle and filled my gut with his

    "You wanted all of my stink, jockboy!"

    "Oh yeah!" I cried, writhing on the workout bench, bucking my ass up.
    "Your stink ... mmmmmm! Feed my nasty cunt all of your fuckin' stink!
    Fill my ass with your slop!"

    I felt so dirty and nasty as I felt my butt being filled up with the
    waste from another man's ass. It felt so warm as the reeking sludge
    caressed the walls of my anal cavity. It was as if I was being fucked
    by the biggest cock I had ever known. Deep. Gut renching. Down to the
    pit of my stomach.

    "Almost there, man!" Coach hollered. "Take it all, fucker. All of my
    stink up your pig cunt!"

    I squirmed on the bench. As my bowels filled with Coach's funky ass
    slop, there came with it an element of discomfort as I could feel the
    pressure within me mounting. I clamped my asslips around the nozzle as
    if to draw within me every drop of Coach's filth only to feel my full
    rectum oozing its raunchy contents as it seeped out of my asshole and
    ran along the crack of my ass, down my back.

    "Oh yeah, motherfucker!" Coach roared,
    yanking the helmet from his head and flinging it across the room.
    "Fuckin' cunthole's gonna explode!"

    "I gotta shit, Coach!"

    "Gimme that fuckin' butt spooge!" Coach hollered, burying his face in
    my ass.

    "Fuck! Fuck!" I cried, shooting the nozzle out of my asshole and
    expelling my filth onto Coach's face in a powerful, exploding blast
    sending diarreah splattering everywhere.

    As if cumming, my asshole sent fountain after gushing fountain of
    stinking buttslop in all directions. Between geysers, my asslips
    sputtered and spat juicy, wet farts.

    "Jock stink! Fuckin' jock stink!" Coach roared, heaving his body up
    onto his knees. My stinking filth dripped from his face, onto his
    shoulder pads, down his chest, into his crotch hair which he spread out
    onto his rigid cock.

    As my asshole farted its filth, Coach lunged forward. The bulbous head
    of his dick found my shit spitting cunt and lurched forward. My asslips
    wrappe around his dick and sucked it inward.

    "Fuckin' jockpig!" Coach screamed, as he bucked his bull sized, veiny
    cock in and out of my ass.

    "Fuck me, you filthy, stinking whore!" I hollered. "Pound my shitty
    pussy with your big dick! Fuck me, bitch! Cock my sloppy, stink cunt!
    Fuck me! Fuck me!"

    "Love it, man!" Coach cried out. "Love havin' our combined stink
    drippin' off my body while I rape your grundgy jockhole!"

    "Fuck my jock pussy, man! Fuck my hot, tight man pussy, Coach! Fuck me
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    In a heated frenzy, Coach pounded my ass, stroking hard and deep.

    "Give it to me, man! Dick your jockboy! Wanna feel you spoogin' up my

    "Aw fuck! Fuck!" Coach hollered, "gonna cream your pucker! Gonna
    fuckin' ..."

    "Cum! Fuckin' cum, man! Gimme all of your manstink!"

    Coach's body trembled, then tensed. Spasming, he slammed his cock

    "Fuck! Fuck! Cummin' up your stink pussy, boy!"

    "Aaarrrggghhh!" I hissed, gritting my teeth as my pisshole sent a
    fountain of creamy spooge flying into the air. "I'm shootin' my stink,

    "Fuck yeah! Fuck yeah!" Coach yelled, as my creamy jizz splattered in
    his face.

    Still quaking with lust, Coach eased his dick out of my well fucked
    hole. Wrapping his lips around my rosebud, he sucked his spunk and my
    anal juices into his mouth.

    As he did so, a stream of piss gushed out of my dick and splashed onto
    his head and ran down his back into the crack of his ass and dripped
    onto the floor.
  12. Someone should create a Skyrim mod where all the books are replaced with these kinds of stories.
  13. Someone shouldn't
  14. Would you rather read The Lusty Argonian Maid or Locker Room Stink Part 5 by Butt Sniffer?