Last Game You Completed?

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  1. Completed Dark Souls Remastered, it's my 3rd time finisning DS, this way remembered to not to kindle the bonfire but to go back so that I got the alternate ending trophy. This time I also made through all the bosses from the Artorias DLC, having a tank 90 lvl characted makes all bosses there relatively easy (I killed Artorias during like 2nd attempt, only the last boss took me like 10 tries).

    For some reason, playing this game chills me down. Tried playing Dark Souls 2 lately but for some reason the halberd is broken there, it constantly misses as it looks it's too slow, much slower comparing the one from the first DS.

    I completed the dark soulish Star Wars lately and unfortunately, while it's a decent game with nice environment, the combat model is completely broken. Reading through people's opinions, it's not only me.
  2. I completed Dark Souls III and all the DLC. I'm on my second playthrough going for 100% completion. I have every miracle and am very close to getting all sorceries and pyromancies. The rings achievement is the most time consuming and requires 3 runs. I got the most difficult ending first so I'm not concerned about that.
  3. Recently finished these two:

    - fun action adventure game, I really liked the story, gave me like a David Lynch vibe kinda like X-Files meets Twin Peaks. Graphics are very pretty as well. Played this on PS4 through PS Now as it's an Epic exclusive on PC.

    Outer Wilds
    - a very interesting game that's very much puzzle heavy kind of like Braid or The Witness, but yet totally different. I don't wanna say too much about it because I don't wanna spoil it, this game is best if you go in without knowing anything. I played this through Xbox Game Pass and it's probably one of my favorite games from the past year. Like the above game, this is Epic exclusive on PC still, I played this on Xbox console.
  4. I finally got to 100% achievements in Dark Soul III on PC, which requires you to run through the game 3 times, each time increasing in difficulty. Currently 2.8% of people who have played it got to this point.
  5. How long does one run take?
  6. I was going for 100% completion and did a lot of PvP stuff and grinding for the covenant gear, so I really didn't track how long it would take per playthrough. The average polled online was 33 hrs for the main story only (not extras or DLC) but 95 hrs for completionists, and the completionist figure ranged from 58 hrs to 215 hrs, quite a bit of variance. There are also multiple optional areas and bosses and 2 DLC, which are significantly harder than the base game. There are 1 or 2 really hard bosses in the base game, the most difficult being optional, whereas almost every DLC boss is around top 5 most difficult and you can find one of the base game bosses just roaming around one of the DLC levels like it's a regular enemy.
  7. Respect. I gave up at Nameless king, hope to go back someday. Unfortunately also, it's only 30fps on PS4 which makes a difference, switching between DS1 and DS3 was a pain.
  8. Nameless king isn't too bad compared to Gael, to be fair 3 of the bosses in the ringed city (demon prince, Midir and Gael) are pretty tough compared to the main game bosses.
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    Sister Friede probably should be included in that group in terms of difficulty, although it's in the first of the two DLC. Some consider her to be the most difficult boss in DS III. Personally Midir was the only one that truly had me stumped for awhile, but I oddly didn't have many problems with Gael because it seemed like his movements triggered muscle memory from Artorias. I actually helped about 25 people clear Gael just for fun and some extra souls as a SunBro. I did see hosts struggle mightily with him, though, sometimes dying before I can even run across the field to where the host and Gael spawn at the beginning of the fight.
  10. Apart from the middle phase, I felt like Friede was just like Lady Maria from Bloodborne.
  11. I think keeping the second phase brief and clean is the key to the fight. I buffed with Lightning Blade and burned Father Ariandel as fast as possible so I had enough estus for the Blackflame Friede. But many people consider her to be the hardest or second hardest boss in the entire game.
  12. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    It was basically Tomb Raider with a Star Wars skin. The back tracking was annoying and made exploring tedious. The story was just okay. 6/10
  13. Halo Combat Evolved on Steam

    This game has aged incredibly well. It's almost 20 years old, but the gameplay is still better than most other shooters.

  14. Demon Souls Remake:

    Loved the original but the remake is even better although I found it easier this time around. 60fps was a godsend. Got the plat for it too.

  15. Completed Breath of the Wild on Switch, finally. I put few dozen hours into this back then on WiiU, even tamed two beasts.
    Now, finished on Switch with all memories completed (this gives the secret ending).

    Great game, I guess I hadn't that much fun since Witcher 3.

    Also, I picked this cardboard Labo VR set and must say that playing this in stereoscopic 3D is great, even though the image quality sucks.
  16. Beat these about the same time:

    Donkey Kong 64 (played on original hardware): It's unfairly maligned. Despite being a collect-a-thon, you can beat it and avoid all the really infuriating minigames. There's also more crap lying around to collect than you actually need to beat it, so, unlike Banjo-Kazooie, I really never felt like I wasted tons of time hunting for one last collectible. Looks great for an N64 game.

    System Shock Enhanced Edition: Great game, really stands the test of time. I had only briefly played this BITD, and all the enhanced edition adds are better controls and higher resolution. If you never played it, but you liked the Deus Ex series, this is where that concept started. SS2 has this problem of "more complicated is better," so IMO, SS1 is really the better game.
  17. Just beat Jak II. It's a shit game with [for the time] amazing graphics.
  18. FarCry: New Dawn

    It's just more of the same and that's okay with me. 7/10
  19. @bfun

    FarCry 5 was fun, but I hated the story and the endings so much I haven't gone back and played it again and I haven't bothered with New Dawn.
  20. I hated the story too. Unfortunately, New Dawn is kind of a continuation of that story, but it's a little better. It provides some satisfying closure but it was weak. The game play is still worth the $12.50 sale price though.