Last Game You Completed?

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    Halo 4 in the MCC

    It's never quite as good as the Bungie produced games but it does have some good parts. I liked the space combat segment towards the end of the game. 7/10.
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy

    This game started great but the last 1/3 was a bit of a slog. 6/10.
  3. After 11 years I finally finished Portal 2. I suppose it better than Portal 1 in about every way, yet Portal 1 is still a master piece of innovation and originality, and because of that, I enjoyed 1 more than 2.
  4. I recently completed God of War: Ragnarok. Almost everything about this game was extremely impressive, and for the most part the Game of the Year and various other award nominations are merited. However, a rather significant issue I have with the game is that the difficulty tuning is quite poor, which I will discuss in a bit. Graphics, sound, storytelling, characters, acting, ect. are all superb and among the best of recent cinematic Sony games. The storytelling had some very clever twists, and the way they set various situations up, often much later in the game, was quite impressive. The storytelling was quite powerful, both the serious dramatic moments and the surprisingly pleasant bits of humor. I really have no complaints about even the minor characters. Casting was pretty impeccable to be honest. I particularly liked Mina Sundwall's (from the Lost in Space Netflix series) minor but impressive character but won't say anymore due to avoid spoiling anything. Sony Santa Monica's take on classic characters like Thor and Odin were also impressively constructed and acted.

    However, I do have a fairly substantial criticism that may or may not affect you depending on your preferred level of difficulty. The Hard and Very Hard settings, called Give Me No Mercy and Give Me God of War, are substantially harder, like a jump of 2 to 3 difficulty levels versus Balanced/ Normal compared to GMNM/ Hard, but along the lines of final boss in a fighting game, meaning absurdly cheap and frustrating rather than tough but very fair and satisfying like a FROM game. For example, with the bifrost status effect, it is possible to go from fully upgraded health bar at 100% down to 1hp in a single hit. Many of the more difficult battles involve both a strong and obvious duel-type boss demanding precise timing and a flooded area of obnoxious mob type bosses that fire AoE projectiles, grab you even out of your ultimate/ super moves, stagger you into oblivion, ect. That is, this game was obviously tuned for lower difficulties, and you definitely notice it constantly above the Balanced/ Normal difficulty setting. It's not designed in a way that skill will allow you to consistently avoid getting hit or dodge things as long as you have the proper timing (such as in most challenging FROM encounters), but the fights usually demand that type of precision and movement. If you're fine with button mashing on Normal difficulties, disregard this issue. I think that is why this criticism is getting so thoroughly overlooked. You only notice it if you go above Balanced/ Normal difficulty, which is typically the first thing I do booting up a new game when difficulty levels are selectable.
  5. Hogwarts Legacy

    I finished the main quest so I'm mostly done. As a Harry Potter game I'd give it a 9/10. As an RPG I'd say 7/10.