Last movie you saw?

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  1. Howl's Moving Castle

    Guess I kept wondering why the guy looked like a girl and the girl looked like a guy.
  2. Porco Rosso

    Half pig, half man, all hero.
  3. I found this one of Miyazaki's best movies. I really enjoyed it and the art

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  4. My Daughter has really gotten into Studio Ghibli. I might have traumatized her a few years ago with the scene in Spirited Away where her parents turn into pigs, but she's seemed to have gotten over it.

  5. Wonder Woman 1984. It's hard to say what exactly goes wrong with this movie. It's just a weak mess from start to finish.
  6. It’s a case where the trailer promised some wild colorful ride with 80s synth pop and the movie ended up tropey and boring and somehow grey brown at the end. It was supposed to be fun but just wasn’t.

    By the end, it was clear that it went off the rails somewhere. The villain just making up rules. The end speech to the world…. That is somehow forgotten by the time Batman goes looking for the JL… DC is a mess right now. They need a jimmy olsen movie.

  7. I saw Tenet and am still amazed it was as terrible as it was. Maybe Nolan should take a break from filmmaking for awhile. Get his head straight. I'll give credit to the technical folks, though. The picture quality and audio were excellent. The characters and storytelling were a dumpster fire.
  8. Don't forget the satellites that, in theory, touch every person on the planet. The ending was pretty confusing as well and from what I can tell not everyone agrees on what happens. Did Max Lord revoke every ones wishes by revoking his own wish or did every person revoke their own wish. Did his son's wish actually save the day? Who knows.
  9. Space Jam New Legacy

    It’s basically a commercial for HBO Max. No real connection to the original film other than passing phrases and a few jokes.

    Plot is paper thin. But it’s fun in a way though. Some of the jokes hit pretty good. It’s a Zoomer movie probably. I’m sure the kids love it. OGs already know the original is superior.

    If you got kids, take em to see it on the big screen. Otherwise don’t pay for it. Just subscribe to HBO Max. It’s got a lot of IP. Even if they cancelled Lovecraft Country after ONE GODDAMN SEASON. That was a hell of a show.

  10. Yeah. All that and more. I was very excited for this and am pretty forgiving of movie logic in general. But this one was just too thin. Suddenly Wonder Woman is Naruto and talk no jutsus the world into giving up their revived parents?

    And let that one dude be dead. Keep his picture in a locket or something. I didn’t care for him in the first movie. I HATED him in the second. Wonder Woman has no man. Wonder Woman needs no man.

  11. To complicate maters, I believe the Dreamstone belonged to the Sandman in Neil Gaimans comic strips. In WW84 it belonged to Duke of Deception. Neither make an appearance but I think some kind of god showing up at the end might have improved the movie considerably.
  12. The Suicide Squad.

    The new one with Idris Elba. Got an advanced screening pass thing. I don’t want to hype it too much but it’s like Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool had a fucked up baby. It’s good. It’s fun as hell.

  13. Troop Zero

    I guess this is a feel good movie. I suppose it succeeds. 6/10
  14. The Wailing

    I was ready for some of that good good movie that’s been coming out of Korea for a while. Or more of that slow burn horror we’ve been getting like Hereditary. And while this is good and burns slow… it falls short of just about every other movie I’ve seen from the country.

    The actors are the problem. They are barely sympathetic. Really just a bunch of screaming men who fall down every time something breathes on them. And I’m supposed to care about what happens to them? By the end of the movie I was actively rooting for their deaths.

    It relied too much on comedy to set up the characters and they were all pigeonholed after that. It’s like if Paul Blart mall cop was the main character in It Follows or The Ring. He’s gonna get his jokes in but whats left? Puffed up bravado and screaming presented as “acting”.

    Whatever catharsis the ending brings is ruined by the leads stupid fat face that I’ve been rooting to get caved in for two hours so the real actor can take over.

    And it’s a good story. Compelling supernatural thriller. It’s REALLY well made. It just has so much man screaming that I just can’t with it. Literally a bunch of blubbering bitches. But I did like the way it tied together in the end.

  15. I watched Suicide Squad on HBO Max this evening. It was decent and much better than the theatrical cut of the first Suicide Squad movie I saw, but I was quite surprised at some of the decisions that were made and wondered if the creative element of the crew had been doing a marathon of Game of Thrones recently considering how many important characters they kept murdering. I have to admit I'm surprised they successfully included a rather obscure supervillain from the 60s I wouldn't have thought would work in a live action movie. I don't love the movie, but I wouldn't say I regret it watching it, either. I'd give it maybe a 6.5 to 7/10. Decent enough but I doubt I'll watch it again.

  16. Yeah it was pretty good. 7/10
  17. Free Guy

    This was my return to an actual movie theater. I found it okay. Surprisingly my wife like it more than I did. Parts of the movie are going to seem stupid to a gamer. 6/10
  18. Reminiscence.

    If you’re a 90s kid you may remember a movie called Strange Days. Go find that one instead.

    Just playing, but they are VERY similar in premise and plot. It’s nothing to write home about, though. No real villain except “society” probably. No real ending either. Everything is one dimensional and you get told a story in a noir style.

    It’s a good date night movie I’d think. The ladies in the theater seemed to enjoy it.

  19. Jungle Cruise

    It was really boring and bad. Emily Blunt and The Rock couldn't redeem it.
  20. Damn I actually thought that would be good. How much is it on Disney+ service? I was holding out for $5 on Amazon.