Last movie you saw?

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  1. it's still a premier access movie so $30. if you wait till nov 12, it's off premier access
  2. I stole it. Wasn't even worth the bandwidth.
  3. It’s a romantic comedy not a “gaymer” movie. So it makes sense your wife likes it more. My wife did too. I thought it was alright. A nice delivery of Ryan Reynolds humor.

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    Black Widow

    It was pretty mediocre. The fake Russian accents got annoying. I know it didn't bomb but also didn't really live up to financial expectations. I think even without covid going on that still probably would have happened. It just wasn't that good.
  5. I have a feeling that post Endgame is going to be real hit or miss for a while.

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    He’s All That

    In She’s All That a pretty girl is considered ugly because she wears glasses. She takes off the glasses and everyone is shocked that she’s actually hot.

    In He’s All That a hunk is considered ugly because he wears a hat. He takes off the hat and everyone is shocked that he’s a hunk with nice hair.
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  7. lolllllllllllllllllllllll

    best recap ever
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  8. The original was THE teen movie of my age group... the trailer made me feel so goddamn old. In the new trailer the ugly duckling guy has like a 6 pack of 8 pack abs... it actually retroactively makes the original kinda ugly by comparison lol. Except RLC's still smokin hot.

    Yeah, got the song in my head already.

  9. Bob Ross Netflix Documentary

    Shows his rise to become a popular TV painter. Then talks about how his business partners screwed him and his family over when he was dying of cancer.
  10. That makes me sad. I vaguely knew of him on YT before. But started watching a lot more of his painting videos in the pandemic. It mellows me out faster and better than weed lol.

    I will Adblock guilt free now.
  11. I thought Clueless was the teen movie of your generation.
  12. I grew up with bob ross, mr Rogers, and Sesame Street. That documentary pissed me off. He was a good man who taught people to believe in themselves even more than he taught art. They (the company that owns his name) did him dirty.

    I considered buying a bob ross painting in the past. No longer. They have offended me, my family, and the Shaolin temple. I will give them 0 dollars. I may buy one from his son though. At least then it might be real.

  13. I watched a play through of The Legend of Zelda. The guy didn't die once so 9/10. It's amazing how those old Nintendo tunes can bring back such emotions.
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    The Courier on Amazon

    True story of an ordinary businessman who becomes a spy during the Cold War.

    Surprisingly good movie. Worth a watch.
  15. Ford vs Ferrari

    I enjoyed it. 8/10
  16. Malignant

    Campy slasher with a creative monster reveal. I didn’t like it but it seems to be getting positive reviews and my wife enjoyed it. It overstayed it’s welcome with me and got too stupid.

    If you’ve seen any of Wan’s other films just don’t expect any of that. No pacing. No sincerity in the acting. Just slasher.

  17. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    This seemed a bit of a one-off for Marvel but I guess Iron was too. It was entertaining but it wasn't clear how it exactly tied into the Marvel universe. 7/10

    Jungle Cruise

    Take the good guy cast of the Mummy, the bad guy cast of the Pirates of the Caribbean, and the plot of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and you have the Jungle Cruise. It's not a bad movie but I couldn't help but feel like I've seen it before. 6/10
  18. They re-did the Ten rings organization connection to tie it in to the MCU. So basically they made a direct connection to Iron Man and Iron Man 3. The Ten Rings was the organization behind the abduction of Tony Stark at the beginning of Iron Man. Then in Iron Man 3, you see the reveal of the whole The Mandarin and the Ten Rings plot line with Trevor Slattery.

    Like a year after Iron Man 3, marvel did this film short called All Hail the King where Trevor was in prison and doing an interview. It's the small plot on how he shows up in Shang Chi.

    Shang Chi's father, Wen Wu, talks about his history during the dinner scene with Shang Chi, his daughter, and Katy.

    Then in the post-credits with Wong, they talk about how the rings are sending a signal out to where/what. I guess we'll see how that plays out later on.
  19. Venom. The one with carnage.

    It’s not bad. I just wish it were better. Ok, it’s kinda bad. It’s 90 minutes of basically a 90s movie. Fighting in set pieces. Blitzing through the plot. One dimensional villains. Like they couldn’t wait to be done with it.

    Carnage looked great though. But there’s never really a pay off. It’s rushed to the end.

  20. The Green Knight

    I think one has to be in the right kind of mood to watch this movie. I'm not sure what kind of move that is.


    A 14 year old movie that still interesting because it has the Hulk, Iron Man and Mysterio in it.

    Dave Chappelle: The Closer

    When did Chappelle comedy routines become more like a Teds Talks.