Last movie you saw?

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  1. I went and saw Ghostbusters on the big screen the night before Halloween. It was fun. Looked like crap though. That 35mm film grain was bad back then.
  2. Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    It's a decent movie that finally gave the fans what they were asking for. I think the Rotten Tomatoes score with 62% reviewer rating and a 96% audience ratting represent this. Lots of nostalgia and Easter eggs makes this somewhat boring movie pretty good. Compared to the original movie, this one missed in comedy department, but maybe that was a good thing. Trying to recreate what Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, and Bill Murray accomplish in 1984 failed pretty badly in GhostBusters 2016. There is no one in the comedy world that can replace them.
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    The 2016 version with the unfunny SNL women was a total disaster.

    This new movie actually looks like what the fans wanted.
  4. Red Notice

    This is a really crappy movie for having so many big name actors. I began to wonder if it was intentional stupid, like some kind of Steve Martin movie, but I couldn't tell.
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    Yeah Red Notice was pretty bad. I can see why they just dumped it on Netflix.
  6. The Rock seemed kinda sleepy throughout it.

  7. I watched Red Notice for about 40 minutes but it felt like I had been watching it for a lifetime and so I turned it off.
  8. Black Widow

    I felt better watching this knowing Scarlett Johansson got her money. It’s pretty good although I spent the whole movie thinking the taskmaster was crossbones. ScarJo is a stone cold fox as always. Them body suits.

    I liked the humor which was kind of heavy. The action was great but a little fox force five at times. And the plot felt like it had the scale and consequence of a mcu movie. Something that the Chang shi lacked. Sure, ring man fought to save the world. They all do. But the villain in Black Widow was MUCH more villainous. Globally slimy.

    And of course being the final goodbye to a deserving fox of a character was a little bittersweet. Not to harp on subject but she looked real good in every shot.

  9. It's not the last movie I saw, but one of the most memorable in recent memory (The Green Knight). As with other arthouse movies, I watch these on a late friday night after having some edible weed (legal here in Canada these days as a disclaimer), and this movie absolutely blew my mind. I totally recognize that it's not a movie for everyone though, and like you said, you have to be in the mood for like a strange "fever dream" like experience that will leave you with more questions than answers. The visuals and the sound is fantastic too.
  10. Fever dream is a good way to describe it.
  11. The Matrix Resurrections

    Nostalgic goofiness towards the end. But the beginning was very strong. Overall, it was really missing the gravitas of the original movie, even as it was obviously a love letter to that original.

    In some ways it’s like watching a dorky dad and a mom in her mom jeans… sweet but cringey.

  12. Matrix is known for one thing..... The action scenes. The new one didn't really have good fight scenes....I think covid might be the reason, but maybe the next installment will do better.

    I still say matrix reloaded has the greatest action scenes that still holds up today

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  13. Are they making more?

    I agree the action was poor. I guess whoever choreographed it wasn’t Yuen Woo Ping.

  14. It looks like the new Matrix movie is on HBO Max, but I'm leaning towards skipping it even for free. I'm not hearing much praise about it.

    I'm probably going to see if I can watch Ghostbusters: Afterlife in a theater if it's still around the New Year's weekend. It's directed by the son of the director of the original movies, so I'm assuming unlike Paul Feig (who I've met and talked with in person at a film festival many years ago before he became an activist loon) he actually cares about this franchise. I've read and heard high praise of the lead actress. I don't mind if it isn't perfect as long as they're putting a bit of effort into making a decent GB movie this time.
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    Don’t Look Up

    A dark comedy about science denial and how it will be the end of us all. In the movie it’s denial of an incoming comet, but it could apply to climate change denial or Covid denial. I had low expectations but it was decent. It was actually pretty funny in parts. After seeing how badly we screwed up handling Covid I do think people really are this dumb.

    Covid also changed my feelings about zombie movies. I now think zombie movies downplay how stupid people would be in that situation. You would have idiots saying “I refuse to live in fear!”who would totally run out and get bitten.
  16. More like “I refuse to live in fear!”, then push other people outside to die.
  17. Don't Look Up

    It's a somewhat painful satire on technology, people and politics. It's close enough to reality to be a little depressing. The political divide that develops between looking up at the sky or not looking up at the sky seems ridiculous at first, but then you realize it's the kind of things that could actually happen. 6/10
  18. Encanto

    It doesn't feel like a typical Disney movie but it's still pretty good. 7/10
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    Matrix 4 Resurrections

    It was really bad. Like so bad it never should have been made. They couldn't even get Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving to return as Morpheus and Agent Smith and replaced them with noname lookalikes.

    Ghostbusters Afterlife

    It was very, very slow to get going, but the second half of it is decent. It's a direct sequel to the 1980s movies with the original cast involved. Unlike the 2016 movie, this feels like an actual Ghostbusters movie. Overall it was okay.
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    Being the Ricardos

    Nicole Kidman's face looked so weird in this movie. She's had so much botox and bad plastic surgery that she no longer has facial expressions.


    It was three hours long and nothing happens.

    The Tomorrow War

    It was dumb but entertaining. Worth a watch if you just want a big dumb Baysplosion action movie with aliens and time travel and stuff that goes boom.

    Shang Chi

    My wife and I gave up pretty quickly. It seemed like it's all in Mandarin. I'm willing to read subtitles sometimes but not for a superhero movie. It's too distracting trying to both read and watch the action. The weird thing is it seems like this never even came out in China.