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    I subscribed to The Daily Wire for a month just to watch their movies out of curiosity of what sort of alternative they might provide to the trash Hollywood has been churning out in recent years.

    The Hyperions 7/10
    This was a peculiar dark superhero comedy of sorts that felt a lot like a poor man's Wes Anderson movie featuring Cary Elwes. The cinematography was better than expected, and the writing was pretty solid as well. It had a very stylized look with 60s and 70s vibes, which I really enjoyed. I'm not sure how well this will land with the DW crowd, but fans of Wes Anderson will get it. I'm glad I set aside time to watch it yesterday before the month's subscription ran out.

    Terror on the Prairie 5/10
    This was a Western that tried a few interesting things such as a very limited use of a soundtrack, but otherwise it didn't do much for me. This was probably the DW movie I liked least. One aspect that was interesting is that they're clearly not going to be catering their movies to a narrow hyper-religious and ultraconservative crowd. The villain is a sadistic torturer who frequently quotes various Bible versus from memory as he's torturing and murdering in various gruesome ways, which is probably going to irritate many of their subscribers. The scenery was nice. The supporting characters tended to be rather corny and unimpressive, and the writing and direction need work.

    Shut In 6.5/10
    This was sort of a thriller but with a very small scope, much of which took place in a small pantry room. Its stars one of Andie McDowell's hot daughters Rainey Qualley, the one that wasn't in Death Stranding:
    Rainey Qualley actually does a pretty impressive job with the role in terms of acting with a solid accent and believable vernacular, but it was a little tough to buy into someone who looks like this as a reformed junkie mom. I've encountered many such folk in the type of work I do, and none have looked anything like her and certainly did not share the same immaculate dental history. Vincent Gallo known from many indie movies like Buffalo 66 and others played the villain. No overt political messages were present. Very mild Christian themes were present but not overbearing at all. The ending fizzled a bit, but overall it was worth a watch.

    Run Hide Fight 7.5/10

    This was a movie shown 3 years ago at the Venice Film Festival. DW only bought the distribution rights after it was shown there and did not make it. However, they certainly didn't censor anything about it with lots of "goddamns" and other spicy language (they called a misfit's vehicle something along the lines of a "rape van" or "rapemobile") the religious crowd might find distasteful. The lead actress, Isabel May, was quite good despite only being a teenager at the time and in some ways carried the movie a decent amount. Thomas Jane, who played Detective Miller in The Expanse, played her father. The setting is a school shooting and hostage situation crossed with some elements of Die Hard and other thrillers. It was amusing to see the confirmation bias in many comments online talking about how it had some extreme far right agenda when it was overflowing with the diversity elements activists always pretend to care about. Non-traditional gender roles from the very beginning with the lead being a tomboy and her best friend a milquetoasty and nerdy black guy, and there is some mutual romantic interest between them. Every race, ethnicity, sexuality, and high school clique you could come up with is in here. And again, DW didn't make this; they only bought distribution rights after it was being shown at film festivals. Regardless, it was enjoyable enough that I watched it twice. Isabel May had a pretty memorable line while confronting the villain and crushing his dream of becoming famous through mass violence, too.

    What is a Woman? 8/10
    The only movie of the five I watched that was overtly political, which was appropriate given the nature of the topic. Matt Walsh is surprisingly fair and disciplined (typically the opposite of the extremely obnoxious rapid fire Charlie Kirk type of "own the libs" attacks) in most of the basic questions asked. Most of the topics covered were very legitimate lines of inquiry, particularly frequently avoided questions such as the absence of long-term studies of hormonal treatments for children and deeply flawed practices in medical and mental health care regarding these topics, most notably the immense pressure for blanket affirmation regardless of circumstances. The most glaring criticism I'd have is they didn't include anyone who had been satisfied with various transgender procedures, which I think would have given the film more credibility, not less. Most of the emphasis was on treatment and indoctrination of children specifically, and I don't recall any religious stuff some might anticipate being in there. Pretty solid technically. Well shot and edited for the most part. Film Threat provided a pretty decent review and discussion of the movie (
    ). Most reviewers refused to even watch it, and some who reviewed it or made claims have not watched it at all (DW's screener links track viewing stats per individual). There are also some decent chunks of the interviews in the movie out there you an watch for free if you want to watch those, probably the most important component of the movie, but you don't want Shapiro and company getting a cent of your money.

    I came away impressed with some early efforts to challenge Hollywood. They're much better than I initially expected for the most part and kept the forced political crap to a minimum in their dramas and comedies and did not replace the woke crap with fundamentalist religious bullshit. This is far removed from the Left Behind type of Christian movie trash. They are making a concerted effort to stay as apolitical as possible in their comedies and dramas. But they're probably going to need to extend distribution to other methods besides DW subscriptions, such as for a fee through Amazon Video or AppleTV+ or something for their movies to really take off, as many would not consider watching them under the current distribution model directly through DW. Some activist loons were freaking out that Cary Elwes was even in one of these movies and were probably considering trying to cancel him until they learned he wasn't originally signed up to do anything with DW:
    I have been wondering if this will get some actors like Thomas Jane blacklisted with Hollywood's cancel culture zealotry.
  2. The Batman

    It wasn't the best and it wasn't the worst. 7/10
  3. No Time To Die

    It was classic Bond. Probably not the best of the series but it wasn't bad. Danial Craig was looking a little old for his lead lady, but I guess that's normal.
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    The Gray Man

    It was pretty bad and way too long. Chris Evans looks ridiculous with his trash stache and casual menswear.
  5. Thor: Love and Thunder

    It's a lot of ridiculous comic fluff, but it's also entertaining. 7/10