Last movie you saw?

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  1. Pearl Harbor (2001)

    Never seen it before. 3 hours long. I mostly just wondered about whatever happened to Cuba Gooding Jr.
  2. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

    I think I gave Into the Spider Verse 8/10. I'll go ahead and give this one a 10/10. Amazing in most everyway. Last movie that I remember coming together this well was Lord Of the Rings: The Two Towers.
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    Flamin Hot

    The inspiring “true” story of how an ex gangster Mexican janitor at Frito Lay invented the flaming hot Cheeto. He even goes to the president of Pepsi/Frito Lay to sell his idea. It has scenes where everyone claps because he saved the company.

    The best part is that it’s not true. The guy who came up with this story is a lying con artist. He did work at Frito Lay, and eventually became one of the higher ups in marketing. Everything else is a tall tale to sell books and motivational speaking sessions. He didn't drop out of school and was never a drug dealer in a gang. He briefly worked some low level positions at Frito Lay when he was 18 years old, but he quickly moved up in the company. He didn’t invent anything. A marketing team headed by an MBA came up with the idea for flaming hot Cheetos, but he wasn’t on that team. Flaming hot Cheetos have nothing to do with Mexicans. They were made to appeal to a Midwest inner city demographic in Detroit and Chicago that likes spicy snacks. The spice mix isn't Mexican or made of anything natural. It was invented by food scientists in a laboratory.

    What's wild is that Eva Longoria and the other people who made this movie knew all of this and still not only made the movie, but presented it as completely factual, lol
  4. So the guy is basically George Santos.
  5. But in a sense this would be a very authentically Hollywood movie in that everything is complete bullshit.
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    Across the Spider-verse

    Some really good parts, cool spider people cameos, fantastic animation, but also a good 30-45 minutes too long and it leaves off on a cliffhanger. My son really liked it, which was the whole point of going to see it. 8/10
  7. Avatar: The Way of Water

    I watched Avatar: The Way of Water while it was still available on Max. It had fantastic special effects as expected, advancements of techniques used in Alita: Battle Angel. Some of the dialogue was irritating, particularly regarding the number of times the word "bro" was spoken, which seemed like thousands. The premise was generally predictable but very watchable. I don't think I'd watch it again, but it was worth seeing once. It was certainly a beautiful movie in terms of visual spectacle.
  8. The Flash

    It was one of DCs better films. Funny and action packed. Unfortunately I'm a little multi-verse worn out with the Spiderman and Dr. Strange movies. Plus I'd happened to read a couple of Sci-Fi books on the subject.
  9. I didn't really like The Flash. There was so much hype behind it, I swear I even heard the fake test screen review say 'best dc movie since The Dark Knight".

    The cgi was soooo bad too....

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  10. It's dumbfounding how some of these +$200 to $250 million budget movies can still have poor special effects when series like The Expanse and Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance have full seasons of excellent effects.
  11. Crimson Tide

    The world needs more submarine movies with intense opera music the back ground.
  12. Barbie

    It was good in a weird way. It's not really a kids movie.
  13. I watched the fourth John Wick movie, and it was similar to many of the previous movies, a solid pure action movies with spectacular stunts, but the blind Donnie Yen character was really pretty absurd even for a movie like this. He's a legendary action star, but they've got him getting into all sorts of gunfights and shootouts that would be tough for Daredevil to pull off. They definitely borrowed very heavily from Cowboy Bebop, practically a copy, regarding one particularly important scene; you'll know what I mean if you've seen both, but I won't spoil it. Outside of the ridiculous Caine character it was solid for what it was, but that character really grated my nerves quite a bit.
  14. Indiana Jones: Dial of Destiny

    I knew this wasn’t going to be good. But I figured it would be better than the aliens one. But I was wrong. And it wasn’t.

    This was franchise ruining in my opinion and I’ll continue to reference this as a trilogy lol
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    I also just watched the new Indy movie. My biggest problem with it was that it was boring. The original trilogy of Indy films are never boring. They have excellent pacing, and there's always some kind of action or intrigue.

    The CGI scenes with him younger had an uncanny valley thing where they just looked bizarre and were borderline unwatchable.

    I disagree with Supersonic though. This one wasn't as bad as the Shit LeDouche one with the aliens from the 2000s. It was mostly just bland, boring, and forgettable. The Shit LeDouche one was straight up bad.
  16. I down loaded it for a long plane ride, but somehow I knew it would be horrible so I didn't watch it.
  17. I guess my biggest problem with Indy5 is how old he looked. It actually made me sad. And the story only further played into the “I’m too old for this shit” tropes.
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    The Beekeeper

    This is the kind of 80s/90s style hard R over-the-top action movie Hollywood has mostly stopped making.

    Give it a watch. You will be entertained.
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  19. Dune: Part 2

    Great movie. Sadly the theatre did not have the popcorn buckets.

  20. Poor Things

    The genre is Comedy Sci-fi but really it's just slightly disturbing soft porn. I'm not sure how it didn't get an NC-17 rating. Emma Stone was great. Apparently she got the memo to never go full retard.