Last movie you saw?

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  1. Well they're two nerdy friends going on a campervan trip. I guess it would be similar, but to be honest, their on screen chemistry has been good from Spaced up until present day.
  2. That is good to hear. They are one of my favourite comedy duo. I am still waiting for that sequel to Shaun of the Dead. :( From Dusk till Shaun. guess it will never happen.
  3. Shaun of the dead is part of the blood and ice cream or cornetto trilogy. Shaun = red (blood etc), hot fuzz = blue (police) and the last one The Woorlds End is green (aliens).

    Shaun will never have a direct sequal.
  4. How do you know that, elaborate?
  5. Pegg and Frost are awesome together on screen. I liked Shaun of the Dead (although not as much as most people) and was thoroughly impressed with Hot Fuzz, I remember that film being hilarious. I can't wait to see Paul, but money's tight.
  6. I thought everyone knew, the last film is planned but not been made yet. Watch them again for te cornettos too, frost has one in both films with the relevant colour.
  7. I remember in Shaun Pegg asked Frost what he wanted from the shop and he simply replied "Cornetto", more meaning that I'd realised.
  8. Agreed, but with me being more impressed with Shaun than hot Fuzz. I did not laugh as much with hot fuzz, but with the first time I watched Shaun nearly every scene had me in stitches. Pegg jumping over a wall drop kicking that granny with a shotgun was funny as fuck in Hot Fuzz though.

    English comedy at its best.


    I never knew about this, and I cannot remember the blue cornetto in Hot Fuzz.

    The World's End eh. Possible 2012 Pegg and Frost spoof perhaps. Sounds good to me.
  9. He is in the car eating it at one point and gets brain freeze. I think later on they both sit in the car eating one before it all kicks off.
  10. Ah yes I remember now. Well done. I am looking forward to this next film in the trilogy, but Paul will have to do in the meantime for my Pegg and Frost fix. Is Paul funny?
  11. Overall yes and it had a few really funny parts, I enjoyed it.

    Its written by Pegg and Frost so don't expect it to be too much like the ice cream movies which are written by Wright and Pegg.
  12. Taxi Driver

    I've seen it many times before, and it's easily one of the five or ten best films ever made, but I wasn't aware of the fact that it didn't win any Oscars. It just goes to show you how flawed and political the Academy Awards are when a great movie like this got snubbed. And it got beaten by Rocky of all things, which wasn't that great of a movie, and wasn't Oscar worthy. Stallone can't act his way out of nutsack, and Rocky had too many increasingly awful sequels which make it look a lot worse in hindsight.
  13. Clash of the Titans (Remake)

    About as average as a film can get. The Kraken was cool at the end but the whole film was very formulaic and just felt like every other bland predictable action film I've ever seen.

  14. The Godfather Part 3

    This is an awful movie, and I think it actually manages to drag down its predecessors. Pacino was praised for his subtle, understated acting in the first two, but here he's in overacting woman mode. And Sophia Coppola is laughably bad. It's a good thing she turned to writing and directing, because she's a horrible horrible actress.
  15. I think the God Father Part 3 is only awful when you compare it to the first two. On it's own it's okay and still better than a lot of the crap that gets turned out these days. It was however disappointing. It was like they were trying to force something to happen and it never seemed real.
  16. It insists upon itself, lol.
  17. I like the Money Pit.

    last film I saw was Fast and Furious, I got bored and watched it last night.
  18. Robocop

    Quality stuff from a time when America had a healthier distrust of corporations running wild. Or maybe it was really just Paul Verhoeven that did. At any rate, this is one from the '80s that has aged very well.
  19. That distrust is also featured heavily in Total Recall.

    Starship Troopers was also an awesome but misunderstood film. It does a great job of mocking fascist wartime propaganda.
  20. I watched a film by the name of Cop Out the other night. It is your typical police partner comedy that we have seen before, but I actually got a few laughs out of it. It was enjoyable in any case. It stars Bruce Willis and is directed by one of my favourite directors: Kevin Smith.