Last movie you saw?

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  1. I'm glad Inception and the Social Network didn't win anything big at the Oscars. The Social Network was like watching a TV movie of the week. It wasn't worthy of a theatrical release, and it certainly wasn't anything Oscar worthy. And Inception was a really dumb movie that tried to seem smart.
  2. The Mechanic

    I found it hard to give a crap about this movie. Statham was lacking his usual charisma, and it didn't help that the character he plays is kind of a douche. He murders an old guy in a wheelchair in the first five minutes, but for some reason we're supposed to root for him. The action scenes were decent, but they didn't really redeem the movie.
  3. The Driver

    A hidden gem from the '70s directed by Walter Hill. Good example of effective visual storytelling, with a very simple plot and minimalist dialogue throughout. Ryan O'Neal is the monosyllabic getaway car expert, and Bruce Dern is the cop with a vendetta. One of the interesting things about this film is that there is very little romanticism about the subject matter.
  4. According to Mr Smith on the Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast the original name for that film was "A couple of dicks". Should've stuck with that lol.
  5. I'm glad someone agrees with me that Inception was a stupid movie. And the Social Network barely made any sense.
  6. Jackass 3

    I thought it was the best Jackass movie yet. They really outdid themselves with some of the stunts.
  7. I haven't watched a movie in 2 months. Been too busy.
  8. How does this even count as a movie?
  9. So despite me hating Will Ferrell I decided to give anchor man a fair run and I have to say it's even worse then I was expecting, and I was expecting it to be totally shit. Will Ferrell just shouts and screams in all his films and this one is no exception, I think I smiled at two bits in the whole film at most, and Radio 1 have put this in the shortlist for best film ever? LMAO!

    I don't know which pisses me off more, the fact that Will Ferrell is not at all funny in the slightest, of the fact that everyone seems to think he is. Retarded.
  10. Breakdown

    This one surprised me a bit with how effective the element of suspense was. Kurt Russell seemed to be perpetually behind the eight ball at every turn, and J.T. Walsh was really creepy as the villain. I would definitely say the director was channeling a bit of Speilberg's Duel throughout the film.
  11. Yeah, Breakdown is a lesser known but really good thriller. The murderous/thieving rednecks are very creepy.
  12. The Quiller Memorandum

    A passable spy flick from the mid 1960s, but probably only of interest to fans of the cat-and-mouse branch of the genre. Good atmosphere, but it tends to meander and the plot isn't all that satisfying for this type of subject.
  13. Taken

    The best way I can describe this movie is thus, a Steven Seagal movie with no Steven Seagal! It has your typical Seagal plot right from the start...

    An ex cop/military man/all round bad-ass has his daughter/wife/family kidnapped/murdered and has to rescue them/get revenge on the bastards that are responsible all while dodging no less than 3000 bullets and never getting injured and killing/maiming at least 100 people along the way.

    It was entertaining enough.
  14. 127 Hours

    The whole movie takes place in one big Canyon, which gets tiresome after a while ;)
    Beautiful scenery though, think it was somewhere in Utah/Colorado, lovely over there...
  15. I thought it was more like a modern remake of Commando, minus Arnie.
  16. No film is fit to wear Commando's crown - such a quotable masterpiece of cinema. I enjoyed Taken a lot but I always enjoy those style films. The one thing I thought let it down was the ending - pacing seemed a bit off to me.
  17. I still don't know what this Commando that you speak of is. Taken was alright. Once he got on that boat it was a bit lame.
  18. You should let off some steam and watch Commando. If you do, I promise to kill you LAST.
  19. You lie!
  20. You'll never know unless you watch it. SO WATCH IT.