Last movie you saw?

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  1. Watch what?
  2. Commando, YOU IDITITIOT.
  3. Uuummmmmmmmmmmmmm. Only the joint greatest Arnie film (joint with predator).

    Arnie literally goes on a rampage after his daughter (a very young alyssa milano) is kidnapped by some guy who obviously doesn't know who's daughter he's taken.

    I kid you not, me and my mate tried to count how many people he kills in this film and we lost count when he started blowing up army barracks!

    "What are you expecting?"

    "World War Three."

    Watch the film now! Or better yet, buy it on dvd now! It's pure vintage Arnie at his very best.

    Goddamned linking embed shitty shit not working. Just go to youtube and type "Commando: Arnold Kills Them All". God.

    I saw what you did there monsly, very funny :)

    Edit by Ichiban: I fixed your video link...
  4. jesus, he's obviously never played a FPS in his life. That's a noob tactic he's done there.
  5. Thanks ichi. How do you get them to work?

    Winning is a noob tactic?
  6. Standing in the middle of a wide open area, pivoting on the spot. I think a FPS should implement Arnie mode, whereby anyone who runs into the middle of a courtyard whilst surrounded by enemies does an Arnie yell before dying.
  7. If they died it wouldn't be Arnie mode.
  8. I saw Battle Los Angeles last night. It's cliched and cheesey and you can see a lot of it coming a mile off but, that said, it was well done and Aaron Eckhart is just great in everything so it's worth seeing for him. It's definately worth a watch
  9. Watched the Tournament and Shank earlier. The Tournament was awesome and Shank was okay.
  10. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

    It was pretty funny actually. I'd say I laughed more at this one than I did the earlier instalments. Buck is an awesome character.
  11. Jackass 3.

    I laughed a lot, seeing other people get hurt is still quite funny.
  12. In the Mouth of Madness

    I enjoyed it. It was incredibly creepy and rather unique. Much of it was an homage to the works of HP Lovecraft.
  13. A Night To Remember

    The "original" film about the sinking of the Titanic. If you like watching vintage flicks, this is a pretty good one. The screenplay bounces around from character to character and setting to setting in a fairly unique way without becoming confusing. Eric Ambler, who was a well known suspense novelist of the era, wrote it.

    There's also a hint of black comedy to it: there's an extremely smarmy couple that vows to stay together and "save themselves" rather than split up into the lifeboats, and they end up getting crushed in the water by one of the Titanic's falling smoke funnels that separates from the ship. That's definitely an Eric Ambler touch!
  14. Check out Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown if you have an interest in Lovecraft's personal history as a writer/creator. Alot of interesting commentary from people like Guillermo del Toro, Neil Gaiman, and John Carpenter.
  15. I've never seen Commando and after watching that clip I'm glad I haven't.
  16. How have you not seen Commando? It's required viewing for the human race.
  17. You obviously don't know.
  18. How the hell haven't you seen Commando? How did you, as a male, go through the 80s without seeing it? How? HOW?
  19. Whoa gang bang alert. I don't know how I missed it but it doesn't look like I missed much of anything. My parent never had cable or a VCR so I missed a lot back then. I also didn't get to watch MTV.
  20. Hey guy, that's no excuse. I grew up with absolutely no cable either. I also used rotary phone, had no central air conditioning, and my TV only had a UHF/VHF connection. Yet, I have seen all of Arnold's greatest hits because they aired them repeatedly on TV. I think you were watching the Little Mermaid the whole time.