Last movie you saw?

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by bfun, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. THE FUCK? Did you just dismiss Commando? You soulless bastard. You should watch it when you want to let off some steam. It's impossible not to enjoy it.
  2. How did you see it on TV if you didn't have cable? Hmmmm? My local channels certainly didn't air it. I didn't get cable until I moved out from my parents house and at that point I only wanted to get drunk and watch Space Ghost Coast to Coast. That shiz is funny when you're drunk.

  3. I didn't get cable until I moved out either.. 1998. Almost all of arnie's greats were aired on local TV stations in the 90's. Commando came out in 1985. I think I've seen Predator and Terminator 2 at least 20 times on TV during that time period.
  4. Superman: The Movie

    Yeah, some of the FX are horribly dated now, but it has one of the better screenplays for a superhero based movie. Interesting thing about this film compared to contemporary superhero flicks: there aren't any fight scenes. Superman literally never throws a punch the entire film.
  5. Battle: Los Angeles

    It was like Independance day... but it made more sense.
  6. I liked Marlon Brando in that movie. His acting almost seemed too good for a superhero movie.
  7. Takers

    Very good movie, good acting and the story's pretty nice.
  8. Anyone seen Unstoppable? The advert for the DVD looks quite good and I may give it a watch if it is any good.
  9. Its pretty good, but it all takes place on the train, basicly. Its a dislike or like movie.
  10. Surely any movie is a like or dislike movie. There's no inbetween; you cant be indifferent in such a matter.

    And for the record Phisx; I've unstoppable and thought it was a great movie. Well worth watching. It's Tony Scott and Denzel for crying out loud and they always do well together. Have you seen Man On Fire? Thats a Scott and Denzel movie and one of my all time faves.
  11. Yeah a few times. I enjoyed it a bit too.

    Under Siege 2 was just on a train and that was okay, I think I will give this a watch then. I still need to watch that bloody Inception but I have just not got around to it yet.
  12. Misery

    Hadn't seen this is in years. It's worth watching just for Kathy Bates masterful performance. The hobbling scene still makes me cringe.
  13. James Bond: Quantum of Solace:

    Just a Saturday night film. Seen it a few times before. Not the best one. Still currently on now, but it is on the last part in the desert.
  14. Currently Watching Quantum Of Solace, It seems to make more sense than the first time I watched it, that said it's still one of the crapper James bond films.
  15. Quantum of Solace was a turd. The diabolical plot was to charge people in Bolivia more on their water bill. Oh no. Better call James Bond.
  16. I just hope the next film ends this Quantum group trilogy and starts with a fresh story. Bring Blofeld and Baron Samedi.
  17. Maybe in the next movie James Bond will help people save money on their car insurance.
  18. Lakeview Terrace

    I thought it started out as a good movie about how disagreements between neighbors can escalate, but the awful ending killed it for me.
  19. Blue Valentine

    It was a very realistic portrayal of how I've seen most relationships and marriages ultimately turn out. The acting was exceptionally good. There were also some graphic sex scenes that originally earned the film an NC-17 rating which were pretty nice because the blonde in it was hot.
  20. Although those two newest James Bond films are about the first time he was a 00 agent, so in reality he was not going to be taking on real bad world emergency's and villains.