Lindsay Lohan's Fucked Up Face Causes Mistakes

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  1. It looks like cmdrmonkey was spot on when he said...

    ...because it turns out that the Lindsay Lohan photographers thought was leaving a New York hotel a week or so ago was in fact Debbie Harry from blondie! I shit you not, these people actually thought 66 year old Debbie Harry was 25 year old Lindsay Lohan. When you see the pics you can see why.



    Some people are speculting that this is the reason Lindsay has now dyed her hair red.


    She's all kinds of fucked up.

    They only realised it wasn't Lindsay when someone dropped a bindle of blow and Debbie walked right past it.
  2. Cmdr is right alright, you sure are a dudebro.
  3. That's funny because I never say dude or bro so by definition you're both wrong :)
  4. You don't have to say dude or bro to be a dudebro.
  5. Being a dudebro isn't merely saying two words. It's a way of life.
  6. Isn't Arm a Brit? perhapse he prefers Acemate
  7. I've seen the definition of a dude is as follows:

    White suburban males, usually about 16-25 years of age, hailing from anywhere, USA. Characterised by their love of college football, pickup trucks/SUVs, beer, cut off khaki cargo shorts, light pink polo brand shirts, Abercrombie and Fitch, hollister gear, an trucker hats. Favourite bands include, but are not limited to, O.A.R, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band, Avenged Sevenfold, The Fray. And often crappy radio rap (Nelly, Dem Franchize Boyz, D4L, etc). Dude bros are incredibly insecure in their manhood, which makes them insanely jealous of their girlfriends, overly macho, and laughably homophobic. Currently there is no cure for being a dude bro.

    The only part of that definition that I can relate to it the white males bit, the rest is nothing like me so I'm not a dudebro, in fact some of it sounds suspiciously like monkey, take the overly macho and laughably homophobic parts for instance.
  8. I bet you shop at Jack Wills and have an iphone
  9. I'm overly macho? Last I checked, you were the one saying you could rip pitbulls and lions in half with your bare hands. And you weren't joking either.

    And when have I ever said anything homophobic?
  10. such spite :|
  11. Lol. Every time you say something is for fags you're being homophobic. Plus you're constantly making homophobic jokes like "Did you hold your boyfriends' hand?"

    Also I don't recall having ever said I could rip lions apart, you're simply putting words into my mouth. I also never said I could "rip pitbulls in half", again, you're just making shit up for the sake of argument. What I did in fact actually say was that I'd do this:


    I'm not saying it would be easy but it's doable. I'd rather attempt this than let it kill me. Maybe now I've given you the facts AGAIN perhaps you can stop lying about what I've said in the past.
  12. If I could get this thread framed I would. It has provided much mirth -- keep it up
  13. I'm surprised it hasn't been moved tithe dumpster yet.
  14. It belongs in the dumpster. You make the most useless threads.
  15. I thought a story about how Linsday Lohan was mistaken for a 66 year old bint would be amusing and it turned into people insulting me for no reason. This thread is what you made it.
  16. Being here implies nudity! I feel cheated like buying ME3 with DLC on it and no real ending.
  17. The horrors of crystal meth revealed!