Llano APU

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  1. The graphics power of the Llano looks interesting.

    The graphs show the A8-3500 in three different configuration. Crossfire with on-board graphics, on-board graphics, and APU only. The naming conventions are really confusing. The cross fire looks like a really interesting low cost option for laptops but it has the usual issues that crossfire has. The APU by it's self looks to be about 25% - 35% faster than the Intel i5 in the graphics department.


  2. yeah, it's surprisingly good! a great low end laptop chip, even as a desktop though, you put the chip together with a quiet 6540 gfx card and you get a decent to low end 6600 level gaming performance out of a quiet pc/ htpc. And I'm sure this is just the start as well!

    Again it WOULD be a great low end laptop proc IF the prices were lower than Sandy Bridge.. but their just not! I'm sure they were meant to be, but in reality their not.
  3. The i3 is $110 to $149

    Newegg has the A6-3650 2.6GHz for $119 and the 2.9GHz A8-3850 for $139

    The price may be the same but you're trading CPU power for a laptop that can run the latest PC games.
  4. well out of the box it can't quite run the LATEST, you still need to add a $70 gpu for crossfire.
  5. Yeah but that's nothing really. It's pretty easy to find to find a < $500 laptop with a low end graphics card. Now swap out that CPU with a Llano and you got a cheap laptop that can just about run Crysis.

    I'm just going to guestimate these numbers but strictly looking at gaming performance you should now be able to build a $900 gaming laptop for around $500. The trade off would be a lack of CPU performance so it wouldn't be as good for photo shopping or video editing.
  6. not at Toshiba or HP you can't lol I looked :|
  7. And here we have a $500 mid range gaming laptop. It's $450 in store with a coupon. Personally I wouldn't get it as the screen is too big and there will be faster APUs.

    It runs Starcraft 2 just fine.

  8. lmao! I love Asus :) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131768 Via Audio and Aetheros LAN :) they always end up finding the strangest bedfellows to use :) it's like they go out of their way, and I trust their judgement, because it's pretty obvious, they DO go out of their way.. either that or their just cheapskates... perhaps they just had too many Aetheros A1 chips from unsold 990 motherboards they had to use up :). Posibly. But I'd think using a Via chip would have been tons easier and possibly less expensive too.

    I hate Via audio though :/....