Location of Egypt according to fox news

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  1. This is old but you can never bash fox news enough

  2. Not surprising given the intelligence level of the people who work at and watch Fox News.

    Fox is news by retards for retards. In any other country Glenn Beck would have a helmet and dribble cup and be put in a group home.
  3. I'm with Fox on this one. It doesn't really matter.
  4. Speaking of group homes, Mitch Daniels has been trying to cut the funding for group homes as much as possible here in Indiana, something he calls "our so-called social programs." It's time for abused autistic and mentally ill children and cognitively incapacitated adults to pull their weight. Quit expecting a free ride just because you hear voices or need staff supervision to complete even basic hygiene and self-care tasks. Work, ya lazy bums! It's the morally righteous and conservative thing to do!

    If you want to take a giant shit on our least fortunate and most underprivileged children in our society, many of whom have been abused, suffer from severe mental illness, and have never had anything and have nowhere else to go, Mitch Daniels for President 2012. Scum of the Earth. He's been a real thorn in our sides, cutting everything related to mental health in sight.

    As for the picture, it's no surprise to me. What percentage of their viewers could look at that picture and actually identify what's wrong with it?
  5. @AKS

    Not surprising. Republicans are pretty much Nazis, and one of the groups the Nazis went after were the mentally handicapped.
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    These people are being left at homeless shelters. It's that bad. I am limited as to what I can say about my own experiences, but understand that we're talking about people with severe mental illness being taken from mental health facilities to homeless shelters because the funding has been gutted by Daniels et al.
  7. So Fox news think America invaded Egypt then? lol.
  8. Most of the big money behind the GOP these days comes from people with libertarian/federalist political views, which really just means that they prefer the 19th century model for society.: limited laws, limited rights, limited taxation. If you take a closer look at what the GOP typically demonizes, it's usually policies or forms of rights that didn't really exist to any significant degree prior to the 20th century. To them, the best way to deal with the disadvantaged is the 19th century way: madhouses, debtor's prisons, or street begging.
  9. That too. They seem to want society to go back to being like something out of a Charles Dickens novel when there were no social safety nets in place. I guess they assume the mentally disabled people in Indiana are going to "pull themselves up by the bootstraps."

    Republicans are a bunch of cartoonishly evil jackasses and everything they believe is wrong.