Looking for an awesome PC mic

Discussion in 'Technology' started by AKS, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. I have taken a couple mics back already because they sounded like garbled crap. I'm looking for something that is on par with my official PS3 mic (or better). I don't mind spending a bit, but I also don't want to just throw money away for no reason. Clarity and reliability are the most important factors for me. Any suggestions?
  2. What type of mic? Table stand, shirt clip, head set? For PS3 or PC?
  3. more importantly, what type of audio card are you using?? No mike is gonna sound good when your talking to an answering machine or integrated soundcard.
  4. bfun has the shortest memory. look at the thread title man! aks, can you use your ps3 on your pc? i assume it was just a usb connection?
  5. I am pretty satisfied with the official PS3 mic. I opened the fridge and poured a glass of milk, and a friend on the other end could tell what I was doing just from the sound through the mic.

    I need a good mic for PC gaming.
  6. I got the PS3 mic to work briefly after I found the driver. I'm going to experiment more with it.