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  1. I'm looking forward to this.

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    Looks pretty bad. I couldn't even make it through the trailer.
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    Wait, so is bruce willis trying to kill himself or is the young boy trying to kill himself? And why is he trying to kill himself and who thought that would be a good idea and why does Emily Blunt have magic powers and why is there so much dubstep?
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    This reminds me of 12 Monkies, another time paradox movie with John McClane. As far as I can tell 3rd Rock Guy is trying to kill John McClane. But this would seemingly be impossible unless McClane developed Alzheimers, because he would know anything 3rd Rock Guy was up to himself. But McClane is in an equally perplexing conundrum because he can't yippe ki yay 3rd Rock Guy without self terminating.

    This movie looks like it insists upon itself, but may still be entertaining to watch.
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    I got him trying trying to kill himself and save himself. Should be an okay film. It gives me the same vibe that Time and Repo Men had when I first watched them so it may be alright.
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    In Time and Repo Men were both horrible movies.

    Also, I think all of the dubstep is to distract you from the retarded premise.
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    I enjoyed both those films. Sometimes films don't have to be amazing to be enjoyable. Your just a fussy being who likes one thing out of a hundred.
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    That is a bold statement... I've never heard anyone enjoy RepoMen. The best case for that movie would be "I've seen worse, but only marginally."
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    The only reason you would get so disgusted with that movie is if you paid to see it.
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    Khaid knows. ;)

    I don't follow the crowd though, I can like some films other people don't.
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    Wasn't there a film appreciation course we had to take before we could discuss films with monkey?
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    Clockwork orange style yeah?

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    It's tried and tested.
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    In Time was so bad it was hilarious. Repo Men was borderline unwatchable.
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    Is there actually any films you like? You always have a jibe for most films spoken about. Brokeback Mountain perhaps?
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    I like a lot of films. Just not bad ones.

    Also, it looks like they did some major CGI on Third Rock kid's face. I guess they had to. He looks nothing like Bruce Willis.
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    I agree Cmdrmonkey is pretty negative towards almost everything.... BUT, I'm surprised by the staunch defense of RepoMen.
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    Repo Men was a baaaad movie. I can see what they were trying to do with it, but it was just so heavy handed and ridiculous. And the ending was a complete ripoff of this movie:

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    Yeah, I do agree about the ending. I'm not standing that much on the defence. I just enjoyed it, that is all. I have not said it was the worst or even a great film.
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    93% on Rotten Tomatoes, 8.5 on IMDB

    Either the trailer was misleading and the movie is actually good, or the critics are smoking crack.