Man of Steel

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by bfun, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. So what did everyone think of this movie. Part of me feels like they went too far with Superman. Since when does he kill the bad guys? Why did he cry after killing one guy even though thousands were killed in his battle with Zod?

    The damage in the Avengers was estimated at $160 billion. Man of Steel goes to $2 Trillion.

  2. I didn't see it. It looked more stupid than avengers without any Hulk smash.
  3. The previews made it look very melodramatic and self important. I'll download it at some point, but I wouldn't pay to see it in a theater.
  4. Yeah the dark brooding thing fits batman and wolverine, but not superman. I don't think I can overcome that part.
  5. Well it was a really good movie but it might upset some hardcore Superman fans.