Max Payne Coming to Android and iOS

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by cmdrmonkey, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. I don't really see how this would work on such small screens. Maybe the iPad or Android tablets.
  2. My Mum's iPad3 should be arriving on Tuesday so I'll be having her iPad 1 off her (for a price obviously). Maybe I'll get this since the version I got from steam doesn't work properly.
  3. So you didn't get rid of PC gaming all together than lol
  4. Max Payne works fine for me under Windows 7.
  5. Rockstar has done a reasonably good job of translating their games to touchscreen portables in the past, so there's a good chance that Max Payne will be worthwhile despite some of the differences.
  6. Awesome. I'd like to see how this turns out... one of my favorite games of all time.
  7. Yeah I'm on 7 though, sadface
  8. You probably just need the no cd crack:

    Get v1.05 no-cd/fixed exe
  9. Not sure. There's no music in the menus and choppy/no sound during gameplay. Can't remember if there was anything else wrong with it.
  10. Have you tried running it in compatibility mode for Windows XP or Windows 2000?

    Try that. And try the crack.

  11. If you grab Prince of Persia: Sands of Time from steam it won't run well on Nvidea H/W (fog glitch) but it runs fine on AMD. You might have a problem like that. Since it works for Monkey it's probly the other way around... but regardless you should take your problem to Steams forums I'mm sure it'd get answered real quick.

    Note: I don't think there's a work around for the PoP issue or many issues on Steam. Sometimes they just sell you old, antiquated games, and laugh at your stupid ass cuz it doesn't work. So it's possible your just screwed if you don't have the right H/W
  12. yea, valve should think twice about selling some of ubi's games. Splinter cell chaos theory is a title I know that steam sells that is riddled full of problems without a cracked exe. shitty ass drm.
  13. The game only cost me like £1 so I 'm not too fussed to get it working to be honest, especially if it's coming out on iOS. Max Payne 2 works perfectly and that's the one I never finished back in the day so I'm ok.
  14. The steam version of MP needs a patch(and or no-cd crack, can't remember) to get it working properly and with music. I was disappointed to find this out too especially when there is no mention of it when purchasing, but it's on the steam forums.

    It should work okay on touch devices I guess, but as cmdr said, on smaller screens of phones it could be a little awkward. We'll see I guess. There's also probably no reason they can't do the sequel for higher end devices... so maybe they're seeing how this one does.
  15. Bought the iOS version of this game for $2.99, and it sucked me in for a few hours right off the bat...made it out of the Finito Brothers hotel and stopped at that point. I didn't notice any major bugs while playing, and the game runs extremely smooth. It doesn't seem like bullet time works all that well with the virtual controls, but I didn't spend much time with it. You don't really seem to need it when using the default difficulty setting. It's funny how primitive this game seems now, both in terms of technology and story telling, but it's still fun for $3.
  16. Had you played Max Payne before this?

    You can get away without using bullet time early in the game when you're just fighting low level thugs, but the enemies are much tougher later on. Wait until you encounter some heavily armed mercenaries.
  17. No, I hadn't played Max Payne on any platform before. I'm starting to get the hang of bullet time though, as there were a few sequences leading up to the Ragna Rock that required it. That's where I'm at now. The virtual controls can be pretty annoying for jumps and walking across rooftop pipes or ledges, but I'm still thinking they're reasonably good overall.
  18. I always used bullet time. If I had it, I'd use it lol
  19. I can't play the first game without the Kung Fu mod anymore. As a matter of fact, I may fire it up again.
  20. ---spoilers---

    I'm not even sure if the lobby scene at the end where you're getting raped with rocket launchers is even doable without heavy use of bullet time.