Max Payne Coming to Android and iOS

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  1. I'm up to the first dream sequence now and it's pretty annoying. What was Rockstar's fascination with having Max walk on so many tiny ledges and planks in this game? Was falling from heights some hot new trend in video games back in 2001? ::)
  2. I'm not playing max Payne iOS until they fix the broken controls. It's a shooting game, but if you want to shoot AND aim at the same time, don't buy it.
  3. The shooting part of the game works reasonably well, IMO. Plus, the NPC's movements are apparently pre-scripted in this game, so it's not that hard to figure out the attack pattern and exploit it with grenades or molotovs. They'll literally run right through an area that's already on fire if it's part of their script.
  4. You guys have to keep in mind that Max Payne was a PC game. It was later ported to consoles, but it was designed for keyboard and mouse. And even with PC controls, some of it was still pretty tough. A lot of the things you're complaining about are non-issues with the really tight controls on PC. The whole point of the game really is to go into bullet time and fast twitch headshot a bunch of dudes at once with your mouse.
  5. I had it on PC back in the day and a friend had it for PS2. I much preferred the PC version. Regardless I still think they should let you aim and shoot at the same time. The shooting on shadow gun was done correctly for a mobile game IMO. You could press the shoot "button" and keeping your finger held down you could both shoot and aim, this mechanic would make Max Payne Mobile worth playing.
  6. wait. you're saying that you literally can't run and aim/shoot at the same time? You sure you're not doing something wrong?
  7. You can't adjust the camera (which you generally have to do a lot while bulletdodging) and press the shoot button at the same time. You can aim then shoot, but not aim and shoot. It's terrible.
  8. It was never THAT hard on PC, so it's just an aspect that hasn't transferred well I'd have to say. Also, the first two games were developed entirely by Remedy, just FYI.
  9. It has auto-aim though, which means that once the reticule is in the general area of the NPC, it's going to lock on. I haven't found the shooting to be very difficult on the standard setting. I understand why people who played it on PC are going to find it lacking in terms of precise control, but it does work.
  10. It's fine if you aim at someone then dive and shoot them but Max needs to kill several people in one dive, which he used to do with ease, now it's downright difficult. Im especially dreading the dream sequences later on its far too easy for Max to start strafing when you're trying to run in a straight line, which was easy with the PC version as you only had to press W.
  11. I don't really do much diving with bullet time. So far, it hasn't really seemed to have mattered.
  12. Then you sir are not playing Max Payne.
  13. Seriously. Max Payne is pretty much hit bullet time, dive, headshot three or four dudes, rinse, lather, repeat.
  14. 90% of Max Payne so far (Part II, Chapter III): walk into a room/area/hallway with 7 rounds in the pump shotgun, kill up to 5 guys with one shot to the chest, completely ignore bullet time. Bullet time can be fun, but it's not much of a necessity on the standard difficulty.
  15. Slow motion diving whilst shooting is ALWAYS a necessity.
  16. Yeah. Max Payne without the bullet time diving isn't Max Payne. It's just angry man goes postal for revenge, which doesn't sound too bad until you realise most shooters are like that. My point is Max Payne is known for it's cinematic slo mo diving, take that away and you've just got a third person Doom, which also doesn't sound too bad come to think of it...
  17. @alterego

    The pump shotgun isn't that great. I mostly used the Colt Commando.
  18. Dual barettas until I get dual ingrams until I get the assault rifle. You win with that gun.
  19. 7 rounds is more than enough most of the time. This game doesn't usually have more than 5 NPC's on screen at any time on standard difficulty, and it's hard to miss with the 2001 era AI + auto assist.
  20. I know what you're getting at, but it's 2012. In 2001, that could pass as the central focus of a game. Not anymore...