Max Payne Coming to Android and iOS

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  1. We'll see with Max Payne 3. Not bullet diving with Max Payne is like not doing a spin dash with Sonic, or not using a guitar add on for guitar hero. Sure you can pay the game regardless but what's the point?

  2. Rock Band Blitz:

  3. They already made a Max Payne without bullet time in 1996, it was pretty average so they bundled it with a shooting and driving game as well.

  4. Yippee ki-yay, mother-------
  5. lmao. I remember playing that. Couldn't believe the gore when using the bumper cam, which strangely had windscreen wipers if I recall correctly.

    @chi. That's different. Rock band sucks.
  6. Ewww I can't believe you support Activision.
  7. @alterego

    So you won't use bullet time, and you refuse to use the cooler guns? Why are you even playing this game?
  8. Probably so he can say the game is rubbish. You know, 10 years after its initial release and without its USP.
  9. I didn't say I NEVER used bullet time or other weapons. Bullet time can be fun, but it's not THAT fun or unique relative to 2012...and it makes the game ridiculously easy. It's like playing a racing game where you can put the other cars into slo-mo anytime you want to pass. As for the weapons, I've used a variety, but found the pump shotgun to be my preference most of the time. It's only real weakness is the number of rounds, but the game doesn't exactly swarm you with targets. I mix in some grenades and molotovs as well.
  10. Except that I already said that I enjoyed playing the game even though it's dated.
  11. You thought I bought guitar hero brand new? How cute.
  12. Eww I can't believe you support Call of Duty.
  13. If the game is so easy then try playing on a harder difficulty. The idea of the game is that later on you really do need bullet time and the beginning should be much easier when using it. Of course it is possible that auto-aim is completely screwing with the balance of the game.
  14. Well, with the touch screen controls, it's like tying your legs together and trying to aim the gun with your crotch, and the auto aim is like the baddies all wear those inflatable sumo suits covered in gunpowder.
  15. Auto aim is probably completely necessary for touch screen controls, but it's still very likely that it makes the game far too easy or just changes the dynamic wrt aiming, hence why bullet time is far less necessary.
  16. Ok you got me, although I bought those second hand I did purchase the dlc. But I only had two COD games. I was really going to buy MW3, but Skyrim happened, now I'm not sure I'll bother.
  17. It's lolworthy because it's true. Although shadow gun, modern combat and others seem to make it work, it's like rockstar didn't bother...
  18. It's just not a very difficult game on standard. I'm sure that was the case on PC and console as well. Aiming with a mouse is easier than the auto assist in Max Payne Mobile. That's the reason people like mice for shooters: it's really easy.
  19. For people who played the original, judge for yourself on how different this looks in terms of the difficulty in relation to the controls.

  20. The controls look more frustrating, especially how you seem to sort of run and slightly strafe at the same time when not directing the "d-pad perfectly forward".... the difficulty though, does look quite a bit easier to me. I just replayed the first hour of the game on PC a few months back on normal and then on hard. It's very easy at this point in the game, but it's not that.... straightforward and simple looking in how you HAVE to play it.