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Discussion in 'Technology' started by supersonic, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Has VLC been dethroned while I wasn't paying attention? I've used it exclusively for years now, without problems. It plays 50GB Blu-rays like a champ. But today it couldn't play back a 1.2GB H.265 file without stuttering every few minutes. Found something called MPC-HC that plays it no problems along with everything else.

    What's the go to media player these days?
  2. it has been VLC and media player classic still. nothing has changed. kinda surprised you didn't know about media player classic. it made its rise during windows XP days.
  3. I use MakeMKV on my Bluray then watch it with VLC.
  4. Kodi, VLC, or Windows Media Player with Klite Codec Pack
  5. Ha, I didn't make the connection of what MPC-HC stood for. Haven't needed to use anything but VLC for so long, I was actually troubleshooting hardware issues or file corruption for some time.

    I remember media player classic being the OEM Microsoft player from Pre-WinXP. For people that didn't want the bulky new WMP. Are they 2 different things?
  6. yea. what you remember from pre windows XP was windows media player 6.4 and prior. windows XP launched windows media player 7.0 with the new interface.

    mpc basically just grabbed the ui style of wmp 6.4 but everything else was developed on its owned.