Megamind (2010)

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by ali_f, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Trailer:

    Very funny dreamworks film, they are definently the modern version of 'warner bros' cartoons. Definently worth a watch!
  2. I have been wanted to watch it but have heard mixed reviews, I will probably wait until it ends up on Blu Ray and rent it from Lovefilm..
  3. Are you using Lovefilm on the PS3 yet? Apparently i've heard good things about it so far!
  4. I had a look when it first came out but didn't find too much available so just put a couple of episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine on for my little girl. It ran really well and there wasn't any lag so if they could increase the library size then it would be a very good service.

    Can't really use it at the moment, unfortunately my internet is provided by Virgin Media which means it doesn't work unless its 3am and no one else in the country is online.
  5. Yeah, I hear ya. I was really suprised at the time when I found out about the throttling rules Virgin apply to its customers. But can't really do anything about it. I'm with Virgin on their XL package (including cable etc).

    I download most my steam games in the evening. But even when not being throttled, I still suffer some internet speed issues, thought it was my router but I used that internet speed test site. Its just their bad service.

  6. I am half tempted to 'try' the 50Mbps service or even 100Mbps when it comes out in a couple of months.

    There is no throttling and its only about £10 more a month than my 10Mbps service. I also suspect that they might move you onto a different circuit when you get it as they have to send an engineer to do the upgrade whereas if I went to 20Mbps they would do it over the phone.

    I am having a lot of arguments with them at the moment so might suggest they let me move to the 50Mbps service without tying me in for another year so that I can still get out if I need to.
  7. If you do get it (or test it), let us know! Also, I just realised that virgin charge you when you press '3' on their '1471' service (return calls).

    Before it was not mentioned at all, and even on the bill it wouldn't state that you used this service, and would show up as 'additional charges' (or equivilent).