Men Are For Android, Women Are For iOS

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  1. Anyone know any women who actually like their Android devices or prefer it over IOS? My wife doesn't like the Android tablet I gave her and wants an iPhone. :rolleyes:,2817,2373680,00.asp#fbid=BaQI7jwACeH
  2. Not surprising. Android devices are for tech saavy people, and most girls I know are incredibly inept with technology.
  3. You're a racist!
  4. I'm think my friends are freaks. I know 7 girls who own android devices. 3 of them are on their second one. 1 of them own an ipad but they were initially shopping for an android tablet. Maybe ethnicity has something to do with it. 5 of them are asian while the other 2 are caucasian.
  5. More men are nerds. It's simple statistics.
  6. I was nearly side swiped by an Asian woman today. She then glanced over and looked at me with disgust as if I did something wrong. I'm willing to bet she had an iPhone.
  7. Asian women can't drive for shit.
  8. Android does have very masculine advertising. Probably doesn't appeal to the pretty princess type.
  9. It depends where you're looking.

    Verizon has the cool masculine advertisements.

    Tmobile has the girly ones

    ATT has the comedic ones
  10. Yeah but those are the ones I like best. Have no idea why. Maybe it's the Anne Hathaway meets Kim Basinger thing in the pink dress.
  11. General consumers aren't buying Android phones because of Android itself, which is why people always primarily talk about the screen size instead of what the OS does. Android just happens to be installed.
  12. Sure, that's why Android has double the market share of iOS....because no one wants it. That makes sense, in Apple retardo world.
  13. Nono, he's saying it's because it's on superior hardware! apparantly iphone users use their iphone to feel inferior AND outnumbered.
  14. It's a hard life, being a hipster.
  15. I'm not saying no one wants an Android phone. I'm saying that the Android OS isn't used as the selling point to the general public.

    Look at the advertising khaid posted. The primary focus is on either the hardware features (which has nothing to do with Android itself) or whether or not the phone is 4G (which has nothing to do with Android). Compare that to Apple, which primarily shows people using the OS and software functions in order to sell their phones and tablets.

    Android ad: hot chick destroys CGI robots, grabs hardware features or network features from the wreckage.

    Apple ad: user runs through a variety of software applications and functions of the OS.
  16. I don't recall seeing a mac add in ages actually... it's pretty much all word of mouth by now..
  17. This is the typical style Apple uses for their phone ads. Close-ups of the actual software and OS functions that a user would have access to if they bought the phone. Contrast that with the ads khaid posted...the picture of the tarantula in the AT&T ad is the closest they get to demonstrating an actual software function.

  18. That ATT one is a bit OTT, all you really need is this:

    Maaaan, I want to access my phone by saying "hi (insert phone name here, probably Basil)"

  19. Can't watch the second video in the US.
  20. I think in part this is due to the competition for the hardware. With Android the OS is same between the vendors. It's the hardware and contracts that are different so it makes sense that they pitch that stuff to win customers. I don't think it's the lack of interest in the OS. If Verizon does a commercial on OS features it will be the exact same features that Sprint has.

    The Apple ads are as you say, educational. They show exactly what the OS can do. There is no need to advertise the hardware because there is no competition.